The special wedding dress is not only in the shape but the material also plays an important part in making the dress differently. The sparkly wedding dress on the glitter layers and cleverly manipulating her wedding dress became more attractive and arrogant than ever. More specifically, LACE has long been considered as a symbol of elegance, can be considered a classic material for wedding dresses, combined with the glitter from the gold / glitter of the wear era. to the charming, modern beauty.

In particular, sparklylace material increases the luxury and splendor more than doubled. Dressed in a sparkly lace wedding dress, the bride seemed to transform into sparkling and radiant princesses on the big day.

Here are some sample lace materials on Nicole Bridal’s sparkly wedding dresses.


Beryl’s design of the Back to Floral 2020 Collection on the lace mesh background



The gorgeous Topaz in the Mona Lisa collection on the sparkly and lovely lace background


Diamond design in the Mona Lisa collection with the fabric combining glitter


JADE A-line dresses in the Mona Lisa collection with the application of pearl and delicate stamping fabric and aesthetics.


Sparkling wedding dresses gives you more than confidence which become the most attractive bride on the big day. These sparkling wedding dresses are part of the 2020 wedding trend and take you closer to your dream wedding dress.




As a wedding dress to represent the unique beauty of the woman on HER BIG DATE, the beautiful wedding dress becomes the biggest wish for every bride. Therefore, the tailored wedding dresses is always a very pressure job for all designers because it carries within brides’ wish and the ability to realize the wedding dress of the designer.


Linh on her tailored wedding dress (01.2020)


Designing wedding dresses is a really interesting job and requires the subtlety of each designer. When designing wedding dresses, designers need to understand about the appropriate form, material and skirt details to advise each bride.


Thao in Moon design (The Nature Colleciton) with the bottom of 3d Floral lace.
Team Nicole will tell brides about the important steps that a wedding dress designer needs to take to tailor the dream wedding dress of each bride. Let’s learn about the process to make a wedding dress from drawings to finished products!


The dress designs must first have an initial sketch. In particular, the designer will re-express the ideas about the dress, from the skirt shape to the wearing pattern, even if more specific than the small details.


Sketching – A Start for each design


If the bride has her own wedding dress ideas, the designer will also sketch it so that she can visualize the overall dress she is going to dress up. Especially for brides who have not specifically shaped the skirt they want, this will be an expensive suggestion from the designer based.


Suitable Material

With the new designs on demand, Nicole team will discuss with the bride about the material and especially suggest the combination of materials to create the desired effect. The material usually depends on the desired wedding dress effect. Therefore, Nicole’s understanding of material diversity will best assist in mixing the materials to create the desired effect for her.


Suitable Material make dress better


Drawings on kraft paper

Nicole’s tailor team will sketch on kraft paper before proceeding to cut fabric. This stage affects 50% of the final tailored wedding dress quality so tailors require good technical knowledge and material understanding.

Drawing effects 50% of the shape as finishing

Material cutting

After selecting the suitable materials, tailors begin to cut fabric for each part of the wedding dress based on the kraft drawing and prepare for sewing then.

Fabric cutting based on the kraft drawing


Complete the from dress

The sewing of products is carried out with the highest combination between the cutting and assembling stages. Tailors of wedding dresses need to have experience and expertise in each cut line to perfect the wedding dress.


Assemnling each small part together requires experience.

Lace decorating

After finishing the tailored wedding dress form, the combination of lace and stones will be the wedding dress designer’s priority to increase the value of the dress. This stage requires delication and high aesthetics to combine lace, stones or beads to create the perfect tailored wedding dress. Sometimes, lace arranging time takes more than 30 hours for each tailor wedding dress.


Lace arranging is prioritized by designers after finishing a dress form


Stitching lace, beads

The final stage of the wedding dress is complete after adding lace, crytals, beads… to the wedding dress based on the previous step. Each stone bead or lace is attached completely by hand to be sure that this will be the unique tailored wedding dress for you.

Perfect stitching brings brides the unique wedding dress


At Nicole Bridal, we think that every dress-made which is big or small, simple or complex always be respected and dedicated with full of the emotional values brought.

Today, many brides expect a wedding dress tailored to her individual ideas. Just as owning a uniquely exclusive design is becoming more and more popular, Nicole team hopes that the information above will help the bride understand further how designers make your dream dresses from a kraft drawing.

Besides, if she is planning to set her own tailor design. She can refer to the program “PRESETING THE CUSTOMIZED VEIL” when tailoring at Nicole Bridal Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi City until March 31, 2020. Click on the image for reference.



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As a special gift for brides on your wedding occasion, the specially custom veil will be up to your ideas  when brides order a dress at Nicole Bridal. This wedding veil design is completely tailored to the wishes of the bride, she can choose any interesting design ideas such as make a mark by embroidering her name or the wedding date on the magnifier. With a carefully tailored dress combined with a 1-0-2 wedding veil, Nicole believes your wedding day will be wonderful and special 💃



BE NOTICED THAT this gift is only applied until 31.03.2020 so if you have planned to order a customized wedding dress within a coming year, don’t miss it!

Nicole wedding dresses / wedding veils are exclusively designed with the correct alignment of the stitches, using high quality materials and put a lot of enthusiasm of the Nicole team. Hope this will be a lovely small gift for your wedding date from our team.

The bride can make an appointment HERE or team with Nicole via email


Always following the natural beauty of women, Nicole Bridal brings delicate and luxurious designs to reveal the self of each bride and show the unique personality of each person.

Nicole regards that what comes naturally is surely to bring joy and beauty in a very personal way. Just as when being comfortable on your own personality, you will become the only beauty with that person and the special moment of your life.


Please take a glance on designs of The Nature Collection

(Maybe you can get further ideas on the previous collection BST Fairy Tales












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Tailors, dressmakers, seamstresses are terms that are often used interchangeably, to refer to people who make clothes. But while they have comparable skills, and use similar machines and equipment, their jobs are quite different. Here’s a short guide to help you distinguish between these professions in the textile industry.


In life, we encounter a number of phenomena that are so similar to one another, they become downright confusing: two celebrities that look eerily alike, the existence of both macaroon and macaron desserts, even grammar and spelling issues such as the correct usage of “their,” “there,” and “they’re.” Unfortunately, these mix-ups can happen often in the world of wedding planning.


You would like to order a wedding gown while surfing online but you are far away and not able to visit to the shop, then how to do? A casual or office dress/skirt is alright, you can still arrange a free day to our showroom for the measurements. But for a wedding dress and you are too busy to take care of many things at the same time then to take your own measurements is a another choce for your wedding dress. Through the metrics of measurement that help us to advise you easier to choose the right wedding gowns.

In order to have the fittest wedding dress, you need to know how to measure the size of the body accurately. Today, Nicole Bridal will show you how to get the most accurate. But, we always advise you to video calls so that we can help you better.

It requires you to have the measured tape (remember to check whether the size in the tape correct or not), a blank paper and a pencil

measurement for the wedding gowns
The measured tape

How to measure the main metrics of your body?

Bust size: Measure around your chest, at the fullest point of the bust (not under the bust).
– For the better shape of the dress, you should take the size of a circle of your under bust and above bust
– For the better shape of the dress, you should take the length from shoulder to bust (the fullest point)

Waist size: While standing up straight, bend at the waist to one side. The crease that forms is where your natural waist is located; measure there.
– For the better shape of the dress, you should take the length from shoulder to waist

Hip size: Standing with your feet together, measure around the fullest part of the hips.

Shoulder to ground length: from collar bone to the ground or the length your wish.

How to measure the main metrics of your body?

It is very important that you take the correct measurement. We highly recommend you to have a professional tailor to perform this measurement.

Hope those above information helpful to release your stress in the time of preparation for your wedding date.