For any bride, choosing a suitable wedding dress is not a simple thing. That difficulty can increase further if the bride possesses a chubby or oversized physique. The chubby brides with a plump appearance are girls who have low self-esteem in terms of body shape, leading to a lot of fear and difficulties in choosing the outfits on their wedding day.

That is the biggest reason that the Nicole Bridal team will launch a non-profit program aimed at chubby brides with many obstacles when finding a worthy wedding dress.


Because many believe: Oversized body will have very few choices of wedding dresses, styles, colors… Moreover, wedding dresses for chubby brides are often not much at studios, which really challenges the mind. reason with the bridesmaids.

🌱 Unable to get into unnecessary trouble with the wedding attire or while taking photos. Such as tightness to breath, inconvenient movement or even unfortunate incidents of dresses can occur if the wedding dress is not carefully prepared.

🌱 Be under pressure from other people’s gazes. This is probably the point that makes bridesmaid the most in choosing outfits: wondering which dress style can cover many defects, not confident when wearing a wedding dress that I like.


Nicole Bridal completely understands the feeling of chubby brides. With the message throughout from our settlement, team Nicole wishes to bring a liberal lifestyle and fashion into each design for all future brides with an affordable price.

Please look forward to the campaign exclusively for chubby brides, let’s challenge and overcome! Waiting for our series of articles about you, beloved chubby brides. Do not hesitate to contact team Nicole for more information about this program at

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It is also a private statement of the bride


In life with so many similar events that I have to go through, should the wedding events be same or be custom and personalized with your own spiritand favors? At Nicole Bridal, we believe that every bride can confidently shine in her own most beautiful wedding dresses. It is a bold statement for her unique beauty.


No matter how you look, the factor of confidence and relaxed charisma will bring you more wonderful experiences, whether you are tall or short, round or balanced… Thus, let’s us introduce your a few dress forms which may fit well and become your most beautiful wedding dress.



Like a princess coming out of a fairy tale, Nadia will make any girl fall in love with her delicate, arrogant yet lovely beauty. More especially, with Chantilly lace motifs bring classic features and extremely splendid. Nadia spreads naturally, with no heavy gifts, no frills. This most beautiful wedding dress will be perfect for your tall and well proportioned bride to show off your own princess femininity.

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

More images at:



An A-line wedding skirt is created with a combination of Alencon lace and delicate Chantilly lace. The feminine wrist flare cleverly shows off brides’ slenderness. A light, feminine dress like your own personality, wouldn’t this be the most beautiful wedding dress. Aboli will suit a lot of bridesmaids, including sick or plump. There are always some special notes if she is a plump girl and wants Aboli to become her own dress, you can contact Team Nicole to reveal.

More images at:



Turned into a princess with pride and splendor with this Diamond wedding dress right away. The wedding dress uses high-quality glitter Tulle as a prominent background for delicate lace motifs and elaborate stitching.

váy cưới công chúa

váy cưới công chúa

More Images at:



A soft A-shaped wedding dress with straight across design and sweet chiffon sleeves are suitable for brides who love gentle yet delicate style.

More images at:



Moreover, if you have no idea about your most beautiful wedding dress. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and consultation => Set an Appointment

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“Don’t be a princess, be a queen”. With open-back wedding dresses, the bride turns into an CHARMING queen on the wedding day, shining differently but brilliantly with a mature and seductive beauty. The thin back, the elegant shoulders, the hidden body curves, the open-back wedding dress bring enchanting sensuality, a special attraction which is hard to take eyes off.


top 10 váy cưới hở lưng đẹp

Stay tuned for the Top 10 open back and backless wedding dresses showing off which team Nicole Bridal voted.

1. Backless A-line Wedding dress Vera – BST Peace 2020

Vera is a gentle beauty exuded from soft, soaring materials and meticulous crystal finishes in every detail but not too fussy. Pressing the U cut of the back, U shivered for more beauty.

váy cưới hở lưng gợi cảm

váy cưới hở lưng gợi cảm
More images’ Vera at:


2. Backless Princess Wedding Dress Victoria – BST Peace 2020

Victoria owns a soft and soaring Organza material, giving a feeling of serenity and refreshment. Combined with imported Alencon lace, it brings both attractive beauty with open back detail and delicate with classic lace motifs.

váy cưới công chúa
More images’ Victoria at:


3. Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress Clara – BST Senorita 2020

Clara is loved by her new, liberal fishtail design and be also impressive draped design and high-quality Chantilly lace woven with novel purlins.

nicolebridal váy cưới hở lưng đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới hở lưng đẹp nhất

More images’ Clara at:

4. Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress Beryl – BST Back to Floral 2020

Beryl is a sweet beauty on a pastel pink background with feminine floral lace details. Beryl also won points at the cut of U’s back showing your curves and sexiness.

More imaages’Beryl at:


5. Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress Elisa – BST Senorita 2020

Elisa is woven by sparkling metallic fabric and delicate Alencon 3D lace with modern motifs. But its eye-catching point is in its charming and luxurious cord-cut design.

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới hở lưng đẹp nhất
More images’ Elisa at:


6. V-Back A-line Wedding Dress AKIA – BST Sunshine

Akia possesses the beautiful straps with a deep V cut honing each bride’s pearl shape. With hand-embroidered motifs, tiny flower petals that just sprouted bring out the beauty and delication.

váy cưới hở lưng chũ a

váy cưới hở lưng chũ a
More images’ Akia at:


7. V-Back A-line Wedding Dress MIRA – BST Sunshine

Simple and pure in an off-white wedding dress, the only highlight is the waist bow andthe V-cut bring an outstanding charm. Safe enough, sexy enough – Mira is the choice for those who require a high level of aesthetics and comfort to experience a wedding day.

More images’ Mira at:


8. V-Back A-line Wedding Dress Cherry – BST Senorita

Outstanding with vibrant red tones. Cherry will attract all eyes, despite its simple design with the lace mixture and delicate skirt details. In addition, the sexy V-back detail will attract all eyes on your beautiful back and enhance your confidence.

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

More images’ Cherry at:


9. Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress Ruby – BST Classic

More images’s Ruby at:


10. Backless A-line Wedding Dress Brenda – BST Cloud

Completed by high quality imported lace material, exquisite outstanding patterns, colors are harmoniously coordinated. Surely Brenda will bring an elegance to any bride.

váy cưới hở lưng đẹp

váy cưới hở lưng đẹpMore images’ Brenda at:


Finding her own wedding dress is the most sacred task of every future bride. Do not hesitate to talk to team Nicole to have your own wedding dress that is not only sexy but also safe if you are a girl in the traditional style but still charming.


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If you are not confident to wear the sexy V-neck designs or hanging off shoulders or deep chest, the following 10 dresses will definitely make you feel not only safe but still show off your gentle and feminine beauty. Our choices of wedding dresses with sleeves or mezzanine below are the perfect suggestion that Nicole Bridal sends brides who love a discreet and sophisticated style.


váy cưới kín đáo 2020

Let’s check our 10 discreet wedding dress listing

1. Princess Wedding Dress Natalie – BST Senorita

– Designing a floating princess wedding dress with stylized lace with long-sleeve details brings a sweet and delicate beauty. A 2-in-1 wedding dress with 2 different styles of dress, but still the same simple style.

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

Check further images of Natalie:


2. A-line Wedding Dress Susan – BST Back to Floral

Elegant A-line wedding dress with attractive and prominent V back, the lace pattern on sleeves and collar neck gives a discreet beauty on the background.

Check further images of Susan:


3. A-line Wedding Dress Aboli – BST Back to Floral

Wearing a flattering A-line to emphasize the sweet waist. In addition to the creation of soft lace material and delicate embossed lace, she cleverly shows off brides’ slender lines.

Check further images of Aboli:


4. Princess Wedding Dress Xavia – BST Senorita

Xavia is a suitable design for luxury weddings, using premium sparkling glitter material with a classic, discreet design that captures the graceful femininity.

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

Check further images of Xavia:


5. Princess Wedding Dress Odette – BST Peace

Odette owns a design with the upper body meticulously linked from many crystal materials on the high quality satin. Each line of Odette radiates elegance thanks to the perfect sewing technique that honors the body.

váy cưới đẹp 2020

Check further images ofOdette:

6. Princess Wedding Dress Alida – BST Back to Floral

Bringing the lovely beauty of the fluffy design, Alida stands out with the upper body attached from delicate floating flower details to create a sweet attraction for the brides.


7. Princess Wedding Dress Emerald – BST Mona Lisa

Being as charming as a princess coming out of the old castle, Emerald makes people fascinated by the perfect seam and delicate engagement.

váy cưới công chúa


Check further images of Emerald :


8. A-line Wedding Dress Luna – BST The Nature

Luna is designed with a gentle design, prominent on the creamy white fabric background with a seductive V back.

váy cưới chữ A kín đáo đơn giản

váy cưới chữ A kín đáo đơn giản
Check further images of Luna:


9. A-line Wedding Dress Zoey – BST Sunshine

Not possessing the familiar white color as other wedding dress models, Zoey brings dreamy inspiration with sweet pastel pink and gentle design that is suitable for brides who love a discreet yet luxurious style. .

váy cưới đơn giản sang trọng

váy cưới đơn giản

Check further images of Zoey:


10. Mermaid Wedding Dress River – BST The Nature

Not fussy in details but River still brings its own charm with a sleek, prominent design A with stylized hand and back lace details, discreetly highlighting the seductive beauty.

váy cưới đuôi cá kín đáo

váy cưới đuôi cá kín đáo

Check further images of River:


Hopefully, the above collection of discreet wedding dresses will help you have more suitable ideas for your wedding day. If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact Nicole team via the Chat button in the right corner.

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The latest Senorita collection of designer Nicole Ngo contains 12 impressive designs that will bring up the uplifting notes in this wedding season 2020. Following the success of BST Peace – An Binh after the days we were forced to wait for our happiness in Vietnam.

Inspiring emotions from the longing and personality of youth, Senorita collection is an inspiring series of stories dedicated to modern muse. Catching up with the new trend, the collection offers multi-color designs that focus on soft and graceful lines that adorn the sweet beauty of each bride.


nicolebridal cover

Bring the experience of youth into every color of Senorita Collection


With the main 4 colors of Red, Baby Blue, Cream (beige) and White, which symbolize for 4 different characteristics. They are charming, ethereal, splendid and gorgeous styles. This is a vibrant palette of Senorita collection offering modern brides.


nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

The red for the ultimate charm of every bride with the Suri design


nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhấtWhite for classic elegance with a Natalie design


nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

Blue Baby flies gently pursuing Ambition in the heart with Hazel design


nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

Beige for femininity to the throne with the design of Sophie



Designer Nicole Ngo has cleverly applied a variety of materials from high-class Satin, high-end Tulle, Alencon and Chantilly lace as well as the ability to mix colors between materials to flying up designs. The designs are soaring and easy to move so it does not become a barrier for the bride to enjoy the happy day.

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

Gorgeous and lovely with imported glitter material


nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

Wavy with luxurious Chantilly floral-lace details posted


Recalling each of our ”Used to” images in our youth, the Senorita Collection explodes passion and the desire to live freely.

Designer Nicole Ngo shared “Like the colors of life, the Senorita Collection depicts the different personalities of young girls who share the same ambition and contain great passions in life”. This brings values of humanity and beauty in each design.


nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất


Photo: Hai Dang

Designer: Nicole Ngô

Makeup Artist: Trang Nguyen

Concept: Nicole Bridal



Each wedding dress is a wonderful thing that Nicole team wants to give her in a special way on the big day. 20 most beautiful wedding dresses exude different features: some delicate, gentle and some arrogant, gorgeous and others intertwined with classic and modern features.

Here are a summary of 10 FIRST best-seller dresses at Nicole for your wedding ideas. Let’s take a glance!

Layla wedding dresses of Lalaland collection — Premium line



– Layla’s shoulder-length skirt promises to become the hottest trend because of its concealer design and feminine elegance.

– The skirt of the fishtail skirt is easy to move but no less glamorous, it is more perfect when it was made by high-quality materials that is thick and elastic.

Athena wedding dresses of Lalaland collection — Luxury line


– The elegance and sophistication harmonize with the elegance radiating from every detail and designed line.

– Elegant lace pattern of Athena design is perfectly coordinated on different Tulle materials and perfected by dedicated workers. Shining with the fragile beauty.

Scarlet wedding dresses of Classic collection — Premium line


– As a beautiful princess from France, Scarlet design is belonged to Classic collection and noble features but still retains a youthful charm. Soft satin material, royal lace, V-neck, dangle arms and perfect waistline bring this special on this minimal design.

Valerie wedding dresses of Classic collection — Luxury line


– Valerie is the perfect combination of gentle feminine and seductive elegance. The unique sewing technique creates a natural and elegantly puffy skirt.

– The skirt shape helps the classic lace material and the collar sleeve details promote the femininity and grace.

Sunflower wedding dress in Floral Collection 2019 — Premium line


– Like a Sun flower, Sunflower design is simple but shines elegant beauty with personality.

– With elastic material and gentle extremely comfortable and easy to move. With contoured enough, seductive enough, Sunflower really suits the bride to celebrate in the church but still exudes elegance.

Radley wedding dresses of Sunshine collection — Premium line


– As the power of love expressing through different views, a design of Sunshine Collection. The fine and smooth, intertwined folds show the ability of experienced tailors to hold the fabric.

– It brings out the sensuality of the curves of power that control vision.

Lani wedding dresses of Sunshine Collection — Luxury line


– Flashy and extravagant vs Exquisite and luxurious, bringing full aesthetic elements for the bride and the grandeur for a luxurious wedding party

– Gorgeous but gentle, easy to move combined with subtle attachment details bold installation art value. Moreover, the effective waist tightening results in a very smooth form for the bride.

Zoey wedding dresses of Sunshine Collection — Premium line


– Delicate, extravagant and feminine, a design of Sunshine Collection brings a skillful blend of details together.

– Her waist looks beautiful and combined with a big bow, making her both slender and feminine.

Elsa wedding dresses of Fairy Tales collection — Luxury line


– Gorgeous and majestic, Elsa is for girls who want to organize weddings in modern wedding halls. The outstanding design with 2 big shoulders. The elaborate applique motifs also make the design more beautiful. Moreover, the deep V chest cut line shows off the full sexy chest.

Snowflake wedding dresses of Rustic Melody Collection — Premium line


– Gentle and soaring with Snowflake design you will become a beautifully gentle lady.

– High quality fabric soft and delicate texture — the skirt is easy to move but stands out to suit many party spaces from outdoors to the banquet hall.

— — —

Above are the Top 10 most beautiful wedding dresses that Nicole team has given to brides who plan to get married or will get married in 2020. Do not hesitate to contact Nicole team to find the best and most suitable wedding dress for yourself.

You can book an appointment to try the dress with the Nicole team HERE and you may be interested in Tailoring — Designing a wedding dress

Contact information:

Ho Chi Minh City Showroom

– Address: 49–51 Hồ Văn Huê, Phường 9, Phú Nhuận district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

– Hotline: 0902 640 490

Ho Chi Minh City Showroom

– Address: 60 Khâm Thiên, Đống Đa District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

– Hotline: 0984 615 350


The special wedding dress is not only in the shape but the material also plays an important part in making the dress differently. The sparkly wedding dress on the glitter layers and cleverly manipulating her wedding dress became more attractive and arrogant than ever. More specifically, LACE has long been considered as a symbol of elegance, can be considered a classic material for wedding dresses, combined with the glitter from the gold / glitter of the wear era. to the charming, modern beauty.

In particular, sparklylace material increases the luxury and splendor more than doubled. Dressed in a sparkly lace wedding dress, the bride seemed to transform into sparkling and radiant princesses on the big day.

Here are some sample lace materials on Nicole Bridal’s sparkly wedding dresses.


Beryl’s design of the Back to Floral 2020 Collection on the lace mesh background



The gorgeous Topaz in the Mona Lisa collection on the sparkly and lovely lace background


Diamond design in the Mona Lisa collection with the fabric combining glitter


JADE A-line dresses in the Mona Lisa collection with the application of pearl and delicate stamping fabric and aesthetics.


Sparkling wedding dresses gives you more than confidence which become the most attractive bride on the big day. These sparkling wedding dresses are part of the 2020 wedding trend and take you closer to your dream wedding dress.




This year the pure white wedding dresses are surely not becoming the trend color of brides because it doesn’t enhance your tanned skin. Thus, the nude wedding dress woule be fit well on your specially beautiful skin. The nude dresses bring a gentle, elegant intermingling of the classic is still the most attractive for the bride.


áo cưới 2 dây màu nude
Nude wedding dresses bring luxury, a bit of classic of Nicole Bridal favors


The nude wedding dress with shades (from bronze, dark brown to pastel pink) especially suitable for the skin of the majority of Vietnamese brides as well as Asian people or someone who own a strong healthy tanned skin.

áo cưới màu nude
Ai Phuong is sexy in a nude wedding dress


Nude color is the classic color, the nude wedding dress brought luxury but not too luxurious so easily fit to many brides.


áo cưới 2 dây màu nude
The combination of chiffon blossom and kenaceous as well as cups of sexy, attractive beautiful charm for the bride.


Its beauty brings you freedom to enjoy the date


A nude mermaid wedding dress enhances your skin and beautiful arms


You can easily see the trend of nude wedding dress in 2018 is dedicated to the girl personality, like the highlight but still gentle, feminine.

View details of Nicole Bridal’s nude wedding dresses at : Nude wedding dress