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  • Bianca

    Show off your ivory panties through the fish tail skirt but perfectly cover up the defects thanks to the sleeves and lightweight skirt hems.

    The nude color is just flattering skin and strikingly delicate lace motifs.
    Not too fussy but surely Jolie will make you extremely charming and elegant.

  • Alice

    If there is a design that represents elegance and courtesy, it is Alice’s wedding dress

    Premium satin material is thick enough to create a natural sponge skirt and also soft enough to show off the shape lines.

    Delicately sweet but equally no luxury and charm by nature and simple. Alice will make you a beautiful princess in real life.

  • Andrea

    Andrea’s wedding dress is a perfect combination of classic and modern detail, so sophisticated that you can not take your eyes off the wearer.

    The feminine and seductive look comes from the hidden lace of the sleeveless sleeves or the sexy back, but it does not lose the elegance.

  • Hilary

    With Hilary design you do not have to worry about the waistline, biceps or biceps are not slim because this is the design will help you conceal the perfect.

    The look of the skirt is classic but combined with stylized details on the chest and back of the shirt becomes fresh and truly attractive.

    The overall design of the sweet and tender look of the young bridesmaids.

  • Layla

    The trend of late prom dresses promises to become the hot trend of the wedding season 2018 – 2019 because of the great advantage of concealment and glamorous appearance of elegance. Layla’s tail is light but easy to move but no less attractive as it is made of high quality stuff and high flexibility.

  • Selina

    The nude color of light and seductive skin, the high quality tulle from France with the perfect fine sugar, Selina deserves to become the dream wedding dress of girls who love femininity and romantic.