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top 10 váy cưới hở lưng đẹp


“Don’t be a princess, be a queen”. With open-back wedding dresses, the bride turns into an CHARMING queen on the wedding day, shining differently but brilliantly with a mature and seductive beauty. The thin back, the elegant shoulders, the hidden body curves, the open-back wedding dress bring enchanting sensuality, a special attraction which is hard to take eyes off.


top 10 váy cưới hở lưng đẹp

Stay tuned for the Top 10 open back and backless wedding dresses showing off which team Nicole Bridal voted.

1. Backless A-line Wedding dress Vera – BST Peace 2020

Vera is a gentle beauty exuded from soft, soaring materials and meticulous crystal finishes in every detail but not too fussy. Pressing the U cut of the back, U shivered for more beauty.

váy cưới hở lưng gợi cảm

váy cưới hở lưng gợi cảm
More images’ Vera at:


2. Backless Princess Wedding Dress Victoria – BST Peace 2020

Victoria owns a soft and soaring Organza material, giving a feeling of serenity and refreshment. Combined with imported Alencon lace, it brings both attractive beauty with open back detail and delicate with classic lace motifs.

váy cưới công chúa
More images’ Victoria at:


3. Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress Clara – BST Senorita 2020

Clara is loved by her new, liberal fishtail design and be also impressive draped design and high-quality Chantilly lace woven with novel purlins.

nicolebridal váy cưới hở lưng đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới hở lưng đẹp nhất

More images’ Clara at:

4. Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress Beryl – BST Back to Floral 2020

Beryl is a sweet beauty on a pastel pink background with feminine floral lace details. Beryl also won points at the cut of U’s back showing your curves and sexiness.

More imaages’Beryl at:


5. Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress Elisa – BST Senorita 2020

Elisa is woven by sparkling metallic fabric and delicate Alencon 3D lace with modern motifs. But its eye-catching point is in its charming and luxurious cord-cut design.

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới hở lưng đẹp nhất
More images’ Elisa at:


6. V-Back A-line Wedding Dress AKIA – BST Sunshine

Akia possesses the beautiful straps with a deep V cut honing each bride’s pearl shape. With hand-embroidered motifs, tiny flower petals that just sprouted bring out the beauty and delication.

váy cưới hở lưng chũ a

váy cưới hở lưng chũ a
More images’ Akia at:


7. V-Back A-line Wedding Dress MIRA – BST Sunshine

Simple and pure in an off-white wedding dress, the only highlight is the waist bow andthe V-cut bring an outstanding charm. Safe enough, sexy enough – Mira is the choice for those who require a high level of aesthetics and comfort to experience a wedding day.

More images’ Mira at:


8. V-Back A-line Wedding Dress Cherry – BST Senorita

Outstanding with vibrant red tones. Cherry will attract all eyes, despite its simple design with the lace mixture and delicate skirt details. In addition, the sexy V-back detail will attract all eyes on your beautiful back and enhance your confidence.

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

More images’ Cherry at:


9. Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress Ruby – BST Classic

More images’s Ruby at:


10. Backless A-line Wedding Dress Brenda – BST Cloud

Completed by high quality imported lace material, exquisite outstanding patterns, colors are harmoniously coordinated. Surely Brenda will bring an elegance to any bride.

váy cưới hở lưng đẹp

váy cưới hở lưng đẹpMore images’ Brenda at:


Finding her own wedding dress is the most sacred task of every future bride. Do not hesitate to talk to team Nicole to have your own wedding dress that is not only sexy but also safe if you are a girl in the traditional style but still charming.


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