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If you are not confident to wear the sexy V-neck designs or hanging off shoulders or deep chest, the following 10 dresses will definitely make you feel not only safe but still show off your gentle and feminine beauty. Our choices of wedding dresses with sleeves or mezzanine below are the perfect suggestion that Nicole Bridal sends brides who love a discreet and sophisticated style.


váy cưới kín đáo 2020

Let’s check our 10 discreet wedding dress listing

1. Princess Wedding Dress Natalie – BST Senorita

– Designing a floating princess wedding dress with stylized lace with long-sleeve details brings a sweet and delicate beauty. A 2-in-1 wedding dress with 2 different styles of dress, but still the same simple style.

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

Check further images of Natalie:


2. A-line Wedding Dress Susan – BST Back to Floral

Elegant A-line wedding dress with attractive and prominent V back, the lace pattern on sleeves and collar neck gives a discreet beauty on the background.

Check further images of Susan:


3. A-line Wedding Dress Aboli – BST Back to Floral

Wearing a flattering A-line to emphasize the sweet waist. In addition to the creation of soft lace material and delicate embossed lace, she cleverly shows off brides’ slender lines.

Check further images of Aboli:


4. Princess Wedding Dress Xavia – BST Senorita

Xavia is a suitable design for luxury weddings, using premium sparkling glitter material with a classic, discreet design that captures the graceful femininity.

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

nicolebridal váy cưới đẹp nhất

Check further images of Xavia:


5. Princess Wedding Dress Odette – BST Peace

Odette owns a design with the upper body meticulously linked from many crystal materials on the high quality satin. Each line of Odette radiates elegance thanks to the perfect sewing technique that honors the body.

váy cưới đẹp 2020

Check further images ofOdette:

6. Princess Wedding Dress Alida – BST Back to Floral

Bringing the lovely beauty of the fluffy design, Alida stands out with the upper body attached from delicate floating flower details to create a sweet attraction for the brides.


7. Princess Wedding Dress Emerald – BST Mona Lisa

Being as charming as a princess coming out of the old castle, Emerald makes people fascinated by the perfect seam and delicate engagement.

váy cưới công chúa


Check further images of Emerald :


8. A-line Wedding Dress Luna – BST The Nature

Luna is designed with a gentle design, prominent on the creamy white fabric background with a seductive V back.

váy cưới chữ A kín đáo đơn giản

váy cưới chữ A kín đáo đơn giản
Check further images of Luna:


9. A-line Wedding Dress Zoey – BST Sunshine

Not possessing the familiar white color as other wedding dress models, Zoey brings dreamy inspiration with sweet pastel pink and gentle design that is suitable for brides who love a discreet yet luxurious style. .

váy cưới đơn giản sang trọng

váy cưới đơn giản

Check further images of Zoey:


10. Mermaid Wedding Dress River – BST The Nature

Not fussy in details but River still brings its own charm with a sleek, prominent design A with stylized hand and back lace details, discreetly highlighting the seductive beauty.

váy cưới đuôi cá kín đáo

váy cưới đuôi cá kín đáo

Check further images of River:


Hopefully, the above collection of discreet wedding dresses will help you have more suitable ideas for your wedding day. If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact Nicole team via the Chat button in the right corner.