The journey of tailoring 2 minimalist wedding dresses for Anh Le

From far away in The United States, our bride Anh Le entrusts her complete trust to Nicole Bridal to help her find a wedding dress designed specifically for the couple’s day. What memories did the bride and Nicole Team have? Let’s explore the emotional journey with Nicole Bridal called “wedding dress for the American bride”.

Nicole Bridal – Creating simple wedding dresses with a modern spirit

If you follow Nicole Bridal’s wedding dress collections, you will be familiar with the modern, liberal spirit that is the design style that Nicole always pursues. Minimalist wedding dresses share a common feature: lightness, background and timeless beauty. All designs are desired to help the bride be more confident, and comfortable expressing her own personality on the happy day of the hundred years.



It is the elegant style of Nicole Bridal’s beautiful wedding dresses that captivated the bride Anh Le (Vietnamese overseas Vietnamese) from the very first moment. That was the beginning of a happy and emotional journey that Nicole was honored to participate in and accompany.

America’s bride and the journey to create 2 tailor-made dresses

From Vietnam to The United States

Nicole still preserves the first moments that we “met”. Like many overseas brides, the way for Nicole Bridal to connect with the bride is through the social networking platform. Anh Le excitedly shared the future bride’s own plans about the idea of ​​a modern wedding ceremony, an intimate party where everyone can enjoy and bless the marriage of the bride Anh Le and the groom Johnathan Le.


As a modern, dynamic and personality girl, Anh Le wishes to put on a wedding dress with a modern, free and liberal spirit. In addition, the bride is also “infatuated” with the design of the large puffy wedding dress to satisfy her wish to become a princess in a fairy tale. That’s why our bride wishes to have two wedding dresses as a priceless gift for the most beautiful day of her daughter’s life.

After listening to the girl’s wishes about the upcoming wedding day, Nicole Bridal suggested to her two wedding dress designs that many brides choose for their wedding day.

Princess Nadia dress is the design chosen by Anh Le after consulting Nicole Bridal’s wedding dress samples. Nadia helps her transform into a princess coming out of a fairy tale, Nadia’s design will captivate any girl by her delicate, haughty but lovely beauty. The flat shoulder sleeves and classic motifs attached to the chest, the large puffy wedding dress are made of glitter material to help the bride have extremely attractive photo shoots.




Designing the second wedding dress, Anh Le wishes to wear it at the dance party – a familiar wedding ritual of American marriage ceremonies. Charming, elegant and attractive is the spirit of our custom-designed, tailored mermaid tail wedding dress for bride Anh Le. A minimalist plain wedding dress, 3D floral accents at the waist, and a design that hugs the wearer’s body, helping the bride to show off her physical advantages. And more specifically, it is Anh Le who is confident and comfortable in a wedding dress born just for her, creating the most brilliant moments of her youth with her.



Memories are forever etched

From Sugar Land, Texas to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In the last days of the year, when everyone is still busy with the great events of the wedding season, we receive photos that fully preserve the moment when the bride Anh Le and Johnathan Le became a couple.

– Oh the two wedding dresses make me awake, they are so beautiful, I was really happy and happy!

No fancy words, no flowery words, what we feel most clearly is the true feelings of the bride. That day, our Anh Le was so radiant, that day the bride’s smile remained on her lips. Happy wedding dress weavers like us are even more confident in the profession of accompanying the bride and groom on the journey to creating new milestones.



Thank you bride Anh Le, thank you for sharing, trusting and choosing us all the time. Nicole Bridal wants nothing more than the bride to keep forever the best moments of the couple’s day so that she always smiles when she remembers that day.

Wedding memories are sacred and special. Nicole Bridal hopes that our bride and groom always carry that special luggage with them, to create special imprints on the next journey. Wishing our bride Anh Le and groom Johnathan Le forever happiness, bonding and love, together building a new family full of laughter, full of love.

As for her, if she is on the way to finding the wedding dress of her dreams, try to stop by our beautiful little wedding dress shop to see the most beautiful wedding dresses, born just for her.



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