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Nicole Bridal encourages brides to learn about their wedding dress at least 6 months in advance. Equipping more knowledge as well as understanding your own fashion style will help you know which design is right for you.

Nicole Bridal recommends ordering wedding dresses at least 3 months in advance (for simple wedding dresses) and at least 4 months in advance (for embroidered wedding dresses).

Yes, Nicole Bridal encourages all brides to ”Book an appointment” Online or Offline so that Nicole can be more proactive in scheduling appointments/preparing wedding dresses/preparing wedding accessories…to try on. The wedding experience can go smoothly.

In case you have not booked an appointment, Nicole Bridal will still support depending on the actual situation of the staff and wedding dresses at that time.

Nicole Bridal’s standard leadtime for a custom-made wedding dress is 4-8 weeks. And it can take you 2 more weeks if you have a request to personalize the wedding dress. Please note that the leadtime may vary depending on wedding dress styles and the factual peak season.

In case, you urgently need a tailored wedding dress, Nicole will try to arrange and confirm if Nicole Bridal is 100% sure to make it. In that case, the cost of tailoring and designing will incur an additional 15% on the original cost (Not including Promotion).

In case the bride is too skinny, Nicole Bridal will not incur any tailoring costs.

In case the bride is oversized (from size XXL or more), tailoring costs will be incurred an additional 10% on the original price.

Refer to ”Nicole Bridal’s standard size chart”

We will assist you to get the most accurate measurements when you visit and experience the service at the showroom.

In case you live outside Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, we can walk you through a video call and assist you to get measurements at ease. Or you can refer to our article for an overview of the important measurements for tailor made wedding dresses.

 –  Measurement Guide

Nicole Bridal has a design department that will advise you to shape your wedding style based on your preferences and actual body shape. You are still the one who has to make the decision about which details to have in the sketch and to proceed. 

Normally, Nicole Bridal will assist brides to take measurements when she visits our store (in Hochiminh City and Hanoi City).

In case you live outside Hochiminh City and Hanoi City, we have 02 options to help you get the most accurate measurements.

  1. Nicole Bridal will guide you through a video call appointment and guide you to take your measurement accurately.
  2. In case you are too busy with work, you can refer to Nicole Bridal’s ”How to take measurements yourself”.

Some essential accessories that will help you visualize yourself more clearly when trying on a wedding dress include:

  • Wedding shoes: with the desired height.
  • Underwears: you plan to wear on your wedding day.

You can bring 2 or 3 relatives and friends when trying on dresses. However, don’t go with over 2 people because you know “So many men, so many minds”. Because only you are the one to wear and understand how you want to be look like in the wedding, ”Be Bold, Be Charming”.

Of course, it’s okay. Nicole Bridal always wants to bring a wonderful wedding dress-trying experience to you and your friends … Sipping a bit of wine and listening to ballads will make you and your loved ones feel more comfortable at Nicole Bridal.

The price listed on the website does not include the promotion (if any) is the cost to perform the wedding dress tailoring service, try on the dress and receive the dress at the Nicole Bridal store. In the event that the tailored wedding dress is shipped at the request of the bride/groom, Nicole Bridal is ready to assist in consulting and revert to you the shipping costs. The bride (or the groom) is responsible for paying domestic or international shipping, taxes or import charges (if any).

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