About Us

Still remember as a college student in business administration, I worked through a lot of extra work and luck has found passion through the experience while sitting on the school chair. The beginning of my passion and ambition were when I had the opportunity to interact with the fashion industry at the wedding gown shop. At that time, as looking at the beautiful wedding dress and shiny eyes and happy smile of brides which have nurtured my dream to brings local brides with further value of the wedding experience. With Nicole Bridal, the dream of creating beautiful wedding dresses in simple, light style but help the bride feel very comfortable and confident to radiate prominence in the big day.
Dear Nicole Bridal employees
The effort to learn and cultivate from 2013, Nicole Bridal has blown a new breath and made its mark in the wedding dress industry in Ho Chi Minh City. Of course, this imprint is not only from the fashion sense but also from the thoughtful, meticulous, dedicated team of Nicole Bridal to each product as well as customers throughout the years.
from Nicole with Love


  • Nicole Ngo
    Nicole Ngo


  • Henry Chen
    Henry Chen