PEACE collection by Nicole Bridal

Launched in the early days of May 2020, as the name of its collection, called ”Peace” is the message that Nicole Ngo wants to send to her brides. Peace is what we desire for this life, the same way that you enjoy the relaxing moments with your future companion after worrying for the big day.

Nicole Ngo wishes you could look back, maybe you are too interested in being well prepared for ceremonies and parties, however, forget loving yourself and your fellow companions what you need for a marriage and a marriage life ahead.

The designs in this collection by Nicole Ngo focused on the selection of high quality materials to create comfort and lightness for brides. All bring fresh colors, harmonious lines. You will not be overshadowed and overwhelmed by the cumbersome details and instead are the sophistication from the crystal beads, lovely waist bows or pleated pretty lines.

Nicole Ngo wishes you find the wedding dress that best suits you and your happiness will be accumulated after many days of waiting

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  • Mermaid Wedding Dress Mabel (20PM212)

    Bring something new to the familiar fishtail model by combining high quality Chantilly, Alencon lace with modern motifs and compositions. All in order to emphasize the youthfulness and freshness while still preserving the inherent femininity for the bridesmaids.

    Price:195 $
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress Dorothy (20PM210)

    The radiant beauty and happiness of each girl on a big happy day is truly a priceless gift. If you like a cozy garden party space and a romantic first dance, you should choose Dorothy. Not only because the lightness is easy to move, but also because of the natural and elegant features emanating from each design line.

    Price:195 $
  • Short Wedding Dress Viva (20PS209)

    With smooth and fine lace, Viva is gentle and dynamic. Don’t worry about being tall enough to wear short skirt designs. Because Viva has a moderate length and natural spread, just add a pair of suitable high heels, she will immediately look young, sweet and attractive.

    Price:151 $ Price:130 $
  • A-line WEdding Dress Alma (20PA208)

    Alma is a feminine wing design that cleverly conceals the concealer but still highlights the waist, helping you look slimmer. The details of the V-neck and the chest part are elaborately attached, highlighting the gentle yet attractive and seductive features.

    Price:217 $ Price:195 $
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress Victoria (20PA207)

    Victoria owns a soft and soaring Organza material with an open-back design that shows off her beautiful back. However, the wedding dress is not fussy but extremely easy to wear, easy to move and suitable for many party spaces.

    Price:217 $
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress Irence (20PM206)

    Irence is an impressive mermaid design that cannot be softer, comfortable stretchy materials well embracing the body curves. The highlight is the delicate floral lace lines that make the design look natural but not monotonous.

    Price:173 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress Roxana (20PA205)

    If you are looking for a minimal style that is light and portable but still sweet enough, Nicole Bridal would like to introduce you to the design Roxana. From premium Chantilly lace to the delicate texture that creates natural, yet gentle swelling, Roxana promises absolute elegance.

    Price:217 $
  • Princess Wedding Dress Odette (20LP204)

    The design with the upper body is meticulously and novelly linked from many materials of crystal stone, crystal on a high quality satin fabric. Each line of Odette radiates the elegance thanks to the perfect finishing technique. Odette is really the dream dress should be chosen for a wedding reception at a restaurant and will help you shine on the stage.

    Price:434 $ Price:368 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress Vera (20LA203)

    Vera is a dress that both gives you light comfort and makes you stand out, beautiful. The beauty exudes from soft materials, meticulous crystal finishes in every detail, not too fussy but charming. Confidence is what makes a woman beautiful, Nicole wishes you the confidence to shine with the Vera design on her best day.

    Price:282 $ Price:238 $
  • Princess Wedding Dress Amity (20LP202)

    As stepping out from fairy tales, Amity of Peace brings elegant beauty and sweetness. The material is sparkling with thousands of glittering crystals, but the feeling is not heavy but hard to resist. Thanks to the stylized details on the sleeves and collar, Amity is a truly pleasing model for all forms and personality.

    Price:347 $ Price:303 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress Zelda (20PA201)

    Multi-layers from Organza material are what make Zelda lovely and bright. Zelda is like a spring girl, with ecstatic happiness when wearing a wedding dress for the first time, she is purely dreamlike.

    Price:173 $