PEACE collection by Nicole Bridal

Launched in the early days of May 2020, as the name of its collection, called ”Peace” is the message that Nicole Ngo wants to send to her brides. Peace is what we desire for this life, the same way that you enjoy the relaxing moments with your future companion after worrying for the big day.

Nicole Ngo wishes you could look back, maybe you are too interested in being well prepared for ceremonies and parties, however, forget loving yourself and your fellow companions what you need for a marriage and a marriage life ahead.

The designs in this collection by Nicole Ngo focused on the selection of high quality materials to create comfort and lightness for brides. All bring fresh colors, harmonious lines. You will not be overshadowed and overwhelmed by the cumbersome details and instead are the sophistication from the crystal beads, lovely waist bows or pleated pretty lines.

Nicole Ngo wishes you find the wedding dress that best suits you and your happiness will be accumulated after many days of waiting

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