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  • Veronica

    Taking the advantages of the off-shoulder details, it gently hide the arm defect of brides. Moreover, Veronica designed wedding dress perfectly embrace brides’ waist together with light pleated lines and nicely flower lace patterns on the flowy Organza silk encourage the comfort and confidence on your wedding date.


  • Rachel

    Let’s shine the elegant and feminine beauty of Rachel’s design. Sophisticated from the material to the crop cut, the harmonious arrangement of the shirt will certainly satisfy the bride of Nicole.

  • Mary

    Still a beautifully delicate, natural bodyshell, still the perfect cut on the material and high-end lace, but Mary’s design is truly impressive and unique with its new lace design, This particular arrangement will help the brides to be more confident with their shoulders and biceps.

  • Laura

    Wedding dress – designer Laura
    Nicole’s strength is to exploit materials imported from abroad and make it suitable for the skin color and personality characteristics of the girl. So Laura is one of the designs that mixes the two colors of East and West, but still intact romantic, classic and very personal “west”

  • Hannah

    At Nicole or fun to make a couple of wedding dress is “hot girl”. Simply because they are not only beautiful but they are also loved by many, and Hannah is one of those designs.

    Hannah has modern but subtle, classic satin and high quality lace with cutting lines that make her real attractive and luxurious as a princess haughty