FLORAL collection by Nicole Bridal

Each flower, whether it has a different color, shape or fragrance, seems to have its own charm and attraction. Inspired by the rich beauty of flowers, Nicole Bridal launches Floral collection with elegant WHITE wedding dress. Combine a variety of materials harmoniously while preserving the sophistication inherent in Nicole’s wedding dresses.

You will be the rays of sunshine shining radiant beauty for the flowers you love. Please see some demo images of this BST.

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  • Mermaid Wedding Dress Violet (19PM113)

    – If you have ever worried that the fishtail models will not fit into a slightly low physique, you will have to change your mind when trying out that Viplet shirt by Nicole.
    – High quality satin material without gloss but absolutely elastic will make you comfortable and confident when wearing because Violet also helps to conceal the defects and respect the absolute shape.

  • Mermaid Wedding Dress Tulip (19PM104)

    – Tulip-style religious designs with the appearance of Tulip flowers when awkward when blooming with 2 styles: Gorgeous vs delicate.
    – High application with 2 separate uses. Let’s admire and book an appointment to try Tulip wedding dress for her.

    607 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress Sunflower (19PA107)

    – Like a sunflower, Sunflower design is simple but radiates elegant beauty with personality.
    – With elastic and gentle material extremely comfortable and easy to move
    – With the contours fully discreet and charming, the Sunflower really suits the bride to celebrate in the Church but still exudes a luxurious look.

    Price:173 $
  • Princess Wedding Dress Peony (19LP105)

    – Peony is a combination of prominent lace patterns on the tassels tulle by trendy polka dots.
    – The highlight is the part of the bow belt that helps eating the waistline and makes the whole body become more beautiful and more beautiful.

    651 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress Orchids (19PA108)

    – Exciting with smooth and delicate organza with lace trim.
    – Highlights at the waist bring a sleek and harmonious design. Although in any space, Orchids wedding dress is still very suitable.

  • Mermaid Wedding Dress Narcissus (19PM101)

    – Combined design of lace lashes and ribs creates luxury and style in fashion. With flamboyant handwriting from #boho, team trends Nicole gently harmonizes with the #minimalism style to create Narcissus.
    – Breaking the way, simple but attractive look is the beauty of Nicole’s team for this design.

  • A-line Wedding Dress Mimosa (19PA112)

    – Mimosa brings a dreamy and wild feeling with lithium petals with torques for overall beauty.
    – Skillfully lowering waist to normal, Mimosa is designed to suit those who have round 2 chubby.
  • Váy cưới đuôi cá Lys 2019 (19PM103)

    – Chất liệu kim tuyến thường đem đến cảm giác nặng nề cho các thiết kế áo cưới.
    – Phong cách Nicole với cấu trúc áo đơn giản và sự phối hợp các chất liệu hài hòa tinh tế tạo nên nàng Lys trở nên mềm mại và kiêu kỳ.


  • Princess Wedding Dress Gladious (19PP102)

    – Là sự kết hợp hài hòa giữa chất liệu phi đơ với ren mềm mại mang đế tổng thể hài hòa và tinh tế
    – Điểm nhấn cổ V đủ gợi cảm những vẫn kín đáo cho những nàng yêu thích sự an toàn. Váy cưới Gladious phù hợp với những buổi lễ trang trọng ở nhà thờ và lên sân khấu

    Price:195 $
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress Gerbera (19PM106)

    – Gerbera wedding dress pattern with lace motifs uniquely coordinated and gentle on the soft tulle material showing off her white skin and ivory pearl shape.

    455 $
  • Sleek Wedding Dress Dahlia 2019 (19PS110)

    – Lovely short skirt form Daliah is the perfect choice for wedding photos or table parties in outdoor parties.
    – The hand part, the cup of the body and chest are gently stylized. Along with a moderate length, you will be able to cheat the height while moving freely.

    282 $
  • Princess Wedding Dress Antigon (19LP109)

    – Pattern of dresses suitable for brides who love feminine beauty but still elegant and delicate.
    – Luxurious features come from small details and meticulous tailoring techniques.
    – You will find it hard to resist the brilliant beauty that is as soft as the beautiful Antigon flower.

    694 $