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  • Violet

    – If you have ever worried that the fishtail models will not fit into a slightly low physique, you will have to change your mind when trying out that Viplet shirt by Nicole.
    – High quality satin material without gloss but absolutely elastic will make you comfortable and confident when wearing because Violet also helps to conceal the defects and respect the absolute shape.

  • Sunflower

    – Like a sunflower, Sunflower design is simple but radiates elegant beauty with personality.
    – With elastic and gentle material extremely comfortable and easy to move
    – With the contours fully discreet and charming, the Sunflower really suits the bride to celebrate in the Church but still exudes a luxurious look.

  • Narcissus

    – Combined design of lace lashes and ribs creates luxury and style in fashion. With flamboyant handwriting from #boho, team trends Nicole gently harmonizes with the #minimalism style to create Narcissus.
    – Breaking the way, simple but attractive look is the beauty of Nicole’s team for this design.

  • Dahlia 2019

    – Lovely short skirt form Daliah is the perfect choice for wedding photos or table parties in outdoor parties.
    – The hand part, the cup of the body and chest are gently stylized. Along with a moderate length, you will be able to cheat the height while moving freely.