RUSTIC MELODY collection by Nicole Bridal

– Bringing a spirit of comfort and #BE_YOURSELF, Rustic Melody inspires modern brides with the message of “a simple yet bold wedding experience”.

– It is the result of a combination of familiar materials and designs with a more novel design, bringing a more enjoyable wedding dress experience.

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  • A-line Wedding Dress Uri (19PA214)

    Uri design with long sleeves and simple lace motifs is suitable for girls who love discreetness. The highlight of Uri, that is the extremely delicate and artistic lace pattern, that fit gives Uri the elegance and harmony.

  • A-line Wedding Dress Snowflake (19PA213)

    Lightly and soaring with Snowflake design you will become a beautiful, gentle lady. High quality fabric and delicate texture. The dress is easy to move but stands out, suitable for many wedding spaces from outdoor to banquet halls.

    Price:195 $ Price:173 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress Sarah (19PA212)

    Minimalism with satin use to create a gentle, luxurious Sarah. The subtly styled back of the shirt makes the overall look both attractive but discreet enough.

    Price:173 $
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress Ruby (19LM211)

    A mermaid design that gently flaunts the feminine sweet and sweet skin tone. Using hidden iridescent details, combined with soft lace motifs, Ruby design is not only “cheesy” but also especially luxurious and prominent.

    Price:325 $ Price:282 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress Marris (19PA210)

    You will shine in her personality and charm with Maris designs. Lace details combine a variety of stones at shoulders and sleeves to grace the sexiness. The body of the satin is superbly stretchy, both flattering and comfortable in the move.

    Price:195 $ Price:173 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress Klair (19PA209)

    Simple but delicate from form to material. Klair is a minimal shirt with a stylized waist section and a graceful chest cup to show off her figure while still being feminine.

    Price:151 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress Julliet (19PA208)

    It is an extremely flattering concealer and flattering material, a soft and fluttering material, perfect sophistication in each needle stitch. Julliet really deserves the name “National wedding dress” because it satisfies all physique and body of Vietnamese brides

    Price:173 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress Gemma (19PA207)

    Lightly show off her indifferent shoulders with feminine but extremely sexy puffed hands. The piercings are the delicate lace embellished details on the pleated Tulle background. Gemma represents beautiful, feminine and lovely girl.

  • A-line Wedding Dress Freya (19LA206)

    It is not easy to find a design that is both gorgeous enough to attract the ceremony on stage while gently moving when greeting the table, but you will find Freya has all the elements. On the soft tulle background, the pleated lines and 3D lace flowers freely create a beautiful, outstanding overall.

    Price:260 $ Price:217 $
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress Erin (19PM205)

    Unique “twist point” right at the top of the skirt – Erin’s dress make it more than a minimalistic style but not monotonous.

  • A-line Wedding Dress Dana (19PA204)

    Romantic and classic style like an autumn muse makes Dana so sweet and smoothing. Lace overlapping technique creates beautiful and attractive motifs, honoring the aesthetic value of the wedding dress.

    Price:195 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress Canary (19PA203)

    The classic WEDDING dress is gentle and delicate, especially accentuating the bride’s thin shoulders thanks to the delicate lace and motifs. Fragility and charm combined in one design will make you shine in every party.

  • A-line Wedding Dress Ann (19PA202)

    A mermaid dress with perfect delicate pleated lines, gently honoring the concealer figure but still extremely elegant. The soft tulle material along with the excellent fabric rendering technique makes the dress pattern simple but surprisingly attractive.

  • A-line Wedding Dress Abbey (19PA201)

    Abbey has a simple beauty that is luxurious, classic but a minimalist . The tipping point with the trendy bow tie. If you bring an extra pair of lace gloves, what could be more beautiful! Come to Team Nicole to experience Nicole’s exclusive dress and gloves.

    Price:173 $