RUSTIC MELODY collection by Nicole Bridal

– Bringing a spirit of comfort and #BE_YOURSELF, Rustic Melody inspires modern brides with the message of “a simple yet bold wedding experience”.

– It is the result of a combination of familiar materials and designs with a more novel design, bringing a more enjoyable wedding dress experience.

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  • A-line Wedding Dress Uri (19PA214)

    Uri design with long sleeves and simple lace motifs is suitable for girls who love discreetness. The highlight of Uri, that is the extremely delicate and artistic lace pattern, that fit gives Uri the elegance and harmony.

  • A-line Wedding Dress Sarah (19PA212)

    Minimalism with satin use to create a gentle, luxurious Sarah. The subtly styled back of the shirt makes the overall look both attractive but discreet enough.

    Price:173 $