Sunshining smiles preserves the youthful beauty of time. The Sunshine collection for the 2020 wedding makes you even more radiant.

sunshine cover

– Fresh, innovative and youthful color promises to help the bride to be delicate and seductive.
– Each design has its own flavor and is different from the things you have ever experienced: simple without being monotonous, splendid without being heavy, delicate and elegant.

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  • A-line Wedding Dress ZOEY (19PA501)

    ZOEY stands out with smooth pleated chest lines and lovely textured Chantilly lace. The sweet color and waistline with wide bow belt make her both slim and feminine.

    Price:195 $
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress RADLEY (19PM502)

    The smooth pleats on the tulle fabric show the ability of experienced tailors who have inspired the striking and sexy Radley design with power curves controlling the gaze.

    Price:217 $ Price:173 $
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress PANDORA (19PM503)

    Open up a delicate and feminine design, stylized with unique materials and gentle colors, bringing a total of graceful and graceful beauty. Variations with the part of the skirt are neatly arranged, spread wide, majestic and easy to move.

    Price:260 $ Price:217 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress MIRA (19PA504)

    The pure white wedding dress with the gentle A-line design is MIRA. Simple, pure and without many cumbersome details which make this Mira more special.

    Price:195 $ Price:173 $
  • Princess wedding dress LANI (19LP505)

    LANI is a design that is both splendid but light, easy to move in combination with delicate attachment details that are bold in installation art value. Moreover, the ability to tighten the waist effectively brings a very smooth figure to the bride.

    Price:390 $ Price:303 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress JULIA (19PA506)

    The Julia dress is simple, sweet and delicate. The gentle smooth variations between the floral Lace motifs stretching the skirt and the Lace chiffon gown make the bride more feminine.

    Price:173 $
  • Princess Wedding Dress HARMONY (19LP507)

    Harmony is a sleeveless design combined with splendid parts and a beautifully tailored wedding dress form creating an effect that is both slim and gorgeous. Utilizing the ability to use and combine materials, the skirt looks gorgeous yet light and flexible. Selective lace motifs are arranged in harmony.

    Price:347 $ Price:260 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress FRIDA (19PA508)

    The generous, daring Frida with a sexy back gap will blend smoothly for those with a slim figure and a slim back. Especially with the unique cool mint green color, she will become both outstanding and sexy.

    Price:195 $ Price:173 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress FAY (19PA509)

    Sweet, luxurious and equally feminine, that is. Western pink and extremely luxurious for those who love the second wedding dress color and sophistication. Fine and smooth waist pleats combined with unique hand-embroidered flower bring a luxurious beauty and a distinct look to the concept of “Colorful dresses are often cheesy”.

    Price:217 $ Price:173 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress DOVE (19PA510)

    Simple yet delicate Dove with an ingenious combination of materials that bring sparkling effects and on the skirt to fit the shape of Vietnamese mulberry. The interior is turned on with the detail of the fairy wings that cleverly covers the shortcomings but shows off the white and pink skin behind the sparkling chiffon layer.

    Price:195 $
  • Princess Wedding Dress ARIAN (19PP511)

    Arian’s red color together with elegance and delicate details which enhance the bride’s modern and sophisticated fashion style. In particular, the embossed lace motifs are cleverly arranged with enough suitability and luxury.

    Price:238 $ Price:217 $
  • A-line Weding Dress AKIA (19PA512)

    With hand-embroidered motifs, tiny flower petals that just sprouted bring out the beauty of elegance and sophistication.

    Price:173 $