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  • Mermaid Wedding Dress WILLOW (19PM401)

    Willow has stylized details with soft sleeves and stands out with a delicate symmetrical. And take advantage of the delicate cut lines to show off the curves of the spring girl.

  • A-line Wedding Dress SKY (19PA402)

    Premium organza material has created a feminine fluttering beauty for Sky’s design. The combination of beautiful 3D flowers on a slightly flared skirt shape and soft shoulder drop hands emphasizes the delicate beauty.

  • A-line Wedding Dress ROSY (19PA403)

    With Rosy design, all small details must also become special and delicate according to her taste. The 3D flowers are pruned on a hand-embroidered REN background, bringing a special visual beauty to the Rosy girls.

  • A-line Wedding Dress RIVER (19PA404)

    Rich in simplicity and sophistication, the River’s design is not cumbersome but minimized. When the “LESS IS MORE” trend is more and more popular. Despite its simplicity, the River is still different from a bare back that is hidden under a thin layer of lace, more attractive and sexy.

    Price:195 $ Price:173 $
  • A-line Wedding Dress RAINE (19LA405)

    The lovely A-shaped design with prominent ornate laces, breast cup details and gently spread skirt are very suitable for Raine to shine and attract with bare shoulders and curly hair.

    Price:303 $ Price:238 $
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress POPPY (19PM406)

    Poppy is a light and easy-to-wear mermaid design, the stylized off-shoulder detail is both fancy and pretty, showing off her shoulders and helping to cover the biceps perfectly. Chantily lace soft material, hugging skirt shape is both easy to move and helps to honor ivory.

    Price:173 $
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress PHEONIX (19PM407)

    Making a more beautiful look than you would expect from high quality materials, Pheonix is absolutely stretchy with skilled sewing techniques to make it become gently beautiful and is the difference of The Nature.

  • Mermaid Wedding Dress MOON (19LM408)

    Moon is a very feminine design that highlights all her strengths, from sexy curves to elegant bare back. Suitable for slim figures in all situations, don’t be afraid to be yourself to be more comfortable and beautiful.

    Price:282 $
  • Shealth Wedding Dress LUNA (19PS409)

    Perfectly combining 3 unique lace materials with delicate motifs and gentle feminine and discreet dress form, Luna will help the bridesmaid to become real.

    Price:173 $
  • Mermaid Wedding Dress JUN (19LM410)

    Jun design with horizontal shoulder details and beautiful little flowers falling gently on the part of the dress, delicate and harmonious for those who love beauty.

    Price:260 $ Price:238 $
  • Shealth Wedding Dress AMBER (19PS11)

    The Amber design stands out not only because it helps her “shrink” her waistline, but also the artistic lace mix with high aesthetic. Above all, it is the spirit of space that is suitable for a youthful and exciting party space.