“Minimalism for timeless beauty”

– A beautiful wedding dress will harmonize the standard elements of lines and sophistication in the cut-out intervals while still bring a modern charm. In Pheonix.21, it is the simplification of the vignette to bring the elegance and grace to each wedding dress.
– applying traditional materials such as Lace, Satin… we cleverly combining love and our technique to make the dress perfect.

may vay ao cuoi

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  • Mermaid Wedding Dress Jena 21PM105


    JENA is like a close and intimate swallow that brings joy and happiness. The main REN style makes the difference of Minimal simple wedding dresses.

    • The Full Lace factor makes Jena even more special with the Minimalism line
    • The fishtail design helps her show off the full curves but still remain discreet
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  • Princess Wedding Dress ELLIE 21LP103


    No fussy crystal stone, dazzling, minimalist in the way of moderation and not abusing the materials: crystal, bead …
    ▪ Detail of feminine and gentle fairy wings
    ▪ Bulky bulging design but comfortable and easy to move
    ▪ Corset helps shape the dress and ‘cheats’ 8cm waist.

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  • A-line Wedding Dress Keva 21PA106

    KEVA exudes the tenderness and grace of a beautiful girl. Long experience tailoring with delicate attachment technique, Keva is a beauty that needs perception and understanding.
    Keva is like a somewhat indecisive line of thought between sexy and discreet, between what I like and what OTHER like.
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  • Aline Wedding Dress Madeline 21PP108


    MADELINE is gentle and attractive by its dynamic 2-in-1 design. Without fussy sparkling patterns, Madeline is special because of its ability to perfectly combine with hand-embroidered accessories to create a unique 2-in-1 element. The attraction from the first sight comes from the ability to select materials and coordinate LACE together to create a perfect harmony.
    A design that looks simple but contains aesthetic elements through the way that the stylist conceals the weaknesses and perfectly enhances the beauty of her body.

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  • Princess Wedding Dress PHEOBE 21PP107


    The clever combination of various layers of materials and cleverly intertwined to design harmoniously enough # No_over, between Ren Chantilly and Alencon, between soft tulle and checkered tulle, between gentle and delicate sewing techniques. No fussy sparkling crystal beads, minimalist in the way of moderation and not overdoing the materials.
    ▪ Modern and feminine stylized role details.
    ▪ The design is bulging, fluffy, but light and easy to move
    ▪ The delicate accents of the attractive Satin buttons

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  • Princess Wedding Dress GABRIELA 21PP104


    Outstanding with distinctive details on the chest thanks to the cutting technique and smooth material handling to create a unique highlight. More than that, the clever combination with the trend of folding glasses brings a minimalistic but modern appearance. Innovative twisting details on the chest evoke a sense of pride and confidence.

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  • A-line Wedding Dress EVA 21PA101


    EVA is distinguished by its minimalism and non-fussy design. From material selection and coordination between Phi and Organza to the ability to perfect the design smoothly for a lively breath. With Eva, she keeps her feminine charm and softness while still extremely comfortable to experience her wedding day. Add unique creations to hide her blemishes and perfectly enhance her physical beauty.

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  • A-line Wedding Dress Sophie (20PA311)


    Sophie design is a sweet, feminine wedding dress with a gentle nude pink color and lovely shimmering details.

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  • Mermaid Wedding Dress MOON (19LM408)


    Moon is a very feminine design that highlights all her strengths, from sexy curves to elegant bare back. Suitable for slim figures in all situations, don’t be afraid to be yourself to be more comfortable and beautiful.

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