Renting Aodai Vietnam Wedding Dresses

NICOLE BRIDAL is one of the professional shops in the field of designing and renting Aodai wedding dresses in Ho Chi Minh City. We have a team of skilled designers, always cool to produce many beautiful Aodai Vietnam dresses. In particular, the style of the Aodai wedding dress is very suitable for the trend of modern fashion but still defeats the traditional beauty of Vietnam.

Reasons to rent an Aodai wedding dress at NICOLE BRIDAL

Rent an Aodai dress atNicole Bridal – create a traditional and modern Aodai

Coming to NICOLE BRIDAL, the bride will keep memorable memories with the tenderness of the wedding day dress. The designs at the store are boldly traditional but break with modernity and personality. Therefore, when combined with NICOLE BRIDAL, you will receive more benefits that we give to the bride on her big day as follows:

Many methods and places to rent Aodai wedding dresses at Nicole Bridal

To meet the increasing demand of customers for designing and renting wedding dresses, NICOLE BRIDAL has continuously designed Aodai wedding dresses with various designs and designs. You can visit our 2 stores

On the other hand, you can visit our webpage and discuss with us online in order to find the dream Aodai wedding dress for your own. You can rent or tailor online in Vietnamese or even English.

What kind of Aodai wedding dress do you like?

The wedding dress is designed continuously

At NICOLE BRIDAL, there is a professional design team, that is always creating and producing many models of Ao Dai continuously. Ao Dai products have undergone a process of distillation from materials, seams, embroidery patterns, and textures to designs. Therefore, when brides wear NICOLE BRIDAL’s wedding dress, they always beat both tradition and modernity.

Wedding dresses are designed continuously

Provide a variety of products and services

NICOLE BRIDAL operates with the motto “customer is king”, so we develop the best service in the market. As follows:

  • In case of delaying the wedding for any reason, Nicole Bridal assists customers to reserve wedding services and contract value within 18 months from the date of notification.
  • In case of force majeure, the customer is allowed to transfer the contract with the wedding service and the signed contract value.
  • Transfer method applies to 3rd party with equivalent value and consent of NICOLE BRIDAL.
  • Customers are supported to change their Aodai wedding dress once at least 3 weeks before the wedding date.
  • Lend accessories to go with the Aodai such as headpieces, hair accessories, etc., so that customers can freely choose the products they like best.


Flexible payment methods

NICOLE BRIDAL applies a variety of payment methods to customers using the Ao Dai rental service, including:

  • Payment in cash
  • Bank transfer in Vietnam
  • Online transfer via intermediary application (Remitly or Wise)
  • ATM/Visa/Master Card…

In particular, we understand couples have a lot to pay for their big day. For that reason, NICOLE BRIDAL has developed a payment schedule for customers in different installments:

  • Phase 01: After officially signing the contract, customers make a 50% deposit in advance so that NICOLE BRIDAL can keep the Ao Dai wedding dress for a specified time.
  • Phase 02: Customers pay the remaining 50% when they come to the store to receive Aodai s and identification documents / send rent for wedding dresses to replace.


The latest wedding dress rental price at NICOLE BRIDAL

Price list for renting luxury wedding dresses at Nicole Bridal

ServiceCost (VND)
Aodai Rental1.200.000 – 2.000.0001 day
Aodai Tailoring4.500.000 – 8.000.0003 – 5 weeks

Aodai wedding dress rental at Nicole Bridal ranges from 1,200,000 VND. However, the rental price of the bride’s dress will be different depending on the changes in the design of the wedding dress. Nicole Bridal store applies wedding dress rental rates according to the style, model, color and measurement of the product.

Note: Tailoring and designing ao dai according to your own preferences will cost more, depending on each detail and material you require.

Or you can visit the wedding dress product section, we publish the price of sewing and renting a bride’s dress on the website in the section Wedding Ao Dai


Some models of Aodai wedding dresses at NICOLE BRIDAL

Rent an elegant white Aodai wedding dress for the gentle bride, suitable for the sacrament of a church marriage.
The Lovely red long-sleeved Aodai dress
The red elegant floral Aodai dress

The meaning of the Aodai wedding dress in Vietnam Tradition

A wedding is the most important ceremony in a person’s life. Wearing a traditional wedding dress has become a unique custom, associated with the traditional culture of the nation.

Vietnamese wedding dresses are designed to honor the body contours of Vietnamese women, exuding the femininity, grace, grace and elegance of Vietnamese girls. On the big day, the traditional wedding dress Ao Dai also shows the solemnity of the ceremony, meaning bonding, and presenting descendants with ancestors.

Depending on the couple’s finances, the bride and groom can choose to make a wedding dress to keep as a souvenir; Or rent a wedding dress for the bride to save money on the big day.


Aodai dress rental is a service highly appreciated by many customers at NICOLE BRIDAL Wedding Dress Studio. We own elite staff and the best bride support policy. In particular, all of our wedding dress products are new models, constantly updated. Therefore, brides when coming to NICOLE BRIDAL, please be confident in yourself and rest assured to entrust us with a day full of happiness.

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