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Another wedding season once again is coming. Surely, brides will be excited but a bit nervous about “Which types of dress fit perfectly?” and “ Is it the trend for this year’s wedding season?”. This article will give you some hints about a few simple but delicate wedding dresses for your date.

The wedding dress trend this year 2018-2019 will be the Minimal wedding gowns

  1. Esther wedding dress

Any girls who love trumpet wedding gowns won’t miss this Esther wedding design. The dress has an armpit design to help brides show off slim arms. Besides, with round neck design, you will be no longer worry about your short neck and less beautiful. The front of Esther dress is made of soft silk material mixed with the sexy and attractive lace flower back.


Esther mermaid wedding dress attracts audience with its armpit hole and round neck


  1. May wedding dress

Inspired by the simple wedding gown of Princess Meghan Markle, May wedding dress belonged to the Beauty Of White collection is loved from the first look. Delicate, modern, strong but still luxurious, May dress deserved to the best seller in the collection. The V-neck is moderately well-ventilated, with ribs on the shoulder and sexy shoulders. With the off-shoulder design, the dress is suitable for the bride having rough biceps.


May wedding dress gently hides your rough biceps


  1. Celia wedding dress

If you like the simple and fancy  style,  you shouldn not miss the Celia dress option. With the simply minimal wedding style, any girl looks beautiful and fancy. The special dress impresses the full chest with the white back. The off-shoulder details also help bride look more delicate and confident even if you own big arms.


Celia dress is inspired by Meghan’s wedding dress


  1. Johanna wedding dress

Be contemporary but equally feminine, the Johanna wedding gown continues to create a fever for the 2018 wedding season. The dress is designed from high-satin silk and organza materials. The body of the dress is not designed with any accessories, but skillful enough to help brides show-off her as small as ant waist. The highlight of the Johanna dress also comes from the flied-out sleeve which is decorated with flowers. Thus, although the dress looks simple, it is not monotonous at all.


Johanna wedding dress impresses the audience with the white shoulder and nice form


  1. Helen wedding dress

She will look like a princess when dressing up this Helen dress. The design is combined between meticulous tulle and flowery lace. That is the reason why this handmade Helen dress is listed in the list of the favorite wedding dress at Nicole Bridal.


Any brides look like a princess as wearing this Helen wedding dress


  1. Rachel wedding dress

Rachel wedding gown will help the girls shine with feminine beauty and elegance. The combination of lace and organza silk makes the dress just soft and luxurious. Moreover, the V-neck and delicate flower embroidery lace help brides’ biceps more gently.


Brides will look gentle and fancy in this design


  1. Mary wedding dress

Naturally attracted with the classic and elegant design, Mary dress has accompanied with many brides in their important date. The cut lines may be meticulously coordinated by a soft lace material and fine tulle layers. The big pattern of lace is chosen to emphasize the gentleness, feminineness and luxury of the wearer.


Mary A-form dress show off the naturally flowy and elegant


  1. Megan trumpet wedding dress

This is also a classis but luxury trumpet wedding dress chosen by many brides. The bottom part of Megan spread out at the knee showing the beautiful form – from deep neck cut hidden by a nude tulle to the ant waist under the layer of sequin lace tulle. In addition, the embroidered lace is well arrange parallel in order to shine up any girls dressed up.


Look luxurious with Megan wedding dress


  1. Noah A-form wedding dress

This is also a simple wedding dress chosen by many brides. The bottom part of Noah gently spread out from the waist. Especially the impression comes from the small accessory to show off slim waist.

Noah dress makes the simple dress differently with the impressive belt


  1. Rosie wedding dress

The design looks like roses blossoming in the sun. Rosie wedding dress looks beautiful but still charming. The V-neck cut and the upper body of the skirt are well designed with large roses lace, yet it still cleverly lures audiences’ eyes.


The beauty of blossoming roses – Rosie wedding dress


Those above wedding dresses in this article are the favorite wedding dresses in the last 6 months. They are revealing the beauty of each bride and creating the confidence in brides’ big date. Besides, you can look for another wedding dress designs on this website or here

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