The secret to organize a perfect and decent beach wedding


Organizing a beach wedding is the dream of many couples, bringing novelty, liberality and romance to the big day. Today, many brides & grooms choose to have a beach wedding to make life’s most precious moments special. So what’s the secret to making the perfect beach wedding? Nicole Bridal will suggest to help you organize a decent and neat ceremony.

Wedding time on the beach

Because the beach wedding is done entirely in the outdoor space, you need to pay attention to the climate and weather at the beach where the two of you plan to set the ceremony. The bride and groom should consult year-round weather information in that area early, about 3-6 months before the wedding day to prepare well in all cases. You should hold a beach wedding in the months of the dry season with beautiful sunshine, avoiding the ceremony in the rainy season, rough seas and high winds.


The time to hold the beach wedding party is usually done in the evening, around 16 pm. At this time, the sunlight is not too harsh, sunset helps wedding photos and reportage become more beautiful thanks to the wonderful color of the sky.

When the sun goes out, the lights and the sound of waves crashing on the shore creates a lively and romantic picture. The beach wedding of the two of you will definitely be the event that is talked about.

Cost of organizing a beach wedding

Depending on the number of guests, needs and financial budget, the cost of organizing a beach wedding is also flexible. One thing is for sure, you need to plan the cost when making a reasonable beach wedding because the cost will be higher than for a hotel or restaurant place.


Rent a beach wedding venue

Depending on the beach location, the policy of the wedding reception partner and the size of the wedding party, the rental cost will be different. Some places may require a fee to rent a venue and organize a party so the two of you can refer to many units and resorts to find the right option for you.

Cost of wedding decoration

You can contact the Wedding Planner to make wedding decorations. Please share your thoughts, plans, wedding party style that you two want so that the Wedding Planner team can quickly and correctly implement it to your liking. Usually, this is the most expensive part when the bride and groom perform a beach wedding. The items to be prepared include: cost of designing, renting and arranging tables and chairs, entrance gate, podium, fresh flowers, lighting, decorative lights…

Party expenses when organizing a beach wedding

Besides the cost of decorating the wedding party, the banquet part accounts for a lot of the fee for your big day. For beach weddings, you can contact the restaurant or resort to plan the menu and agree on the price early.

Normally, the banquet fee ranges from USD 150-500 for a table of 6-10 people. For more advanced menus, the cost can be much higher than USD 500 for a banquet table. Nowadays, many couples choose a standing cocktail tables to match the beach atmosphere, easy to move, organize wedding games. Therefore, the buffet ticket price will range from USd 50 – 200/person. Drinks such as wine, soft drinks, beer … will be charged separately, so you need to consider it.

Wedding concept suitable for the sea

The color of the wedding party is also a point to pay attention to when the bride – groom decides to have a beach wedding. Many couples choose white or blue to match the blue of the sea, sky, and clouds, bringing a sense of freedom and spaciousness. Others choose yellow to blend with the sea sand, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere for the party.

One advice for couples is to choose gentle colors to blend with the beautiful space of the beach. Besides, the elegant and fresh colors help the two main characters really stand out.

Wedding dress suitable for beach wedding

When organizing a beach wedding, the wedding dress is also an important point to help create a highlight for the party. Depending on the size and area of the ceremony, the bride needs to choose the right wedding dress design for the ceremony. Nicole Bridal encourages brides to choose A-shaped wedding dress designs or fishtail wedding dresses, both helping to enhance the wearer’s figure and convenient to move.

You can refer to some beautiful wedding dress samples at Nicole Bridal below.

Aline wedding dress Kendall


Aline wedding dress Keva


Ball gown wedding dress Gabriella


You may explore more designs Here

Tips for organizing a wedding at sea


Beach weddings are really suitable for intimate parties, so the number of guests should only fluctuate under 100 people. You should tell your guests to choose clothes that are thin, light, easy to absorb sweat and convenient to move. At the same time, the bride and groom can choose and send messages to the guests to choose the dress code according to the intended color scheme to help your wedding become more solemn and wonderful.

Keep the natural space

Because performing the wedding ceremony in an outdoor space, you should not decorate too much or choose striking colors that easily bring a sense of confrontation, lack of connection with the scene.

In addition, the back-end team needs to ensure that they do not pollute the environment or destroy the surrounding landscape. Let your wedding party be complete and natural.

Coping with hot sun and high wind situations

You can prepare umbrellas, large umbrellas or stretch tarps to cover them in case of hot weather. Not only that, these are also the items to help your wedding ceremony take place normally in the rainy weather. Therefore, the beach wedding ceremony should be held in the early morning or evening to avoid the harsh weather.

Good Sounding

In the midst of the vast landscape, the sound of the sea breeze and the waves crashing, the crew needs to prepare a good sound system, ensuring that the guests can hear clearly the voices of the host, the bride and the groom.

Organizing a beach wedding is an ideal, romantic choice for the sacred day of your life. Nicole Bridal is ready to help you have the happiest and most special day.

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