Return Policy

Nicole Bridal is responsible for modifying the wedding dresses/ bridal suits/ Aodais to suit the customer’s body, including squeezing, loosening according to measurements, attaching, sewing, fixing zippers, and stitching…


For the tailored wedding costumes

– In case the customer requests to alternate the design other than the agreed design, the staff will report the cost of alterations to the bride. If the bride says YES, the staff will proceed the changes.

– In case the bride has closed all details, fabric samples, lace samples of the design but voluntarily cancels the contract, the deposit will NOT be refunded for any reason.

– After checking and paying for the wedding dress, Nicole Bridal is not responsible to buy back the tailored wedding dress. But Nicole Bridal will try to minimize the host media to liquidate the wedding dress (if required).

– Besides, Nicole Bridal will be responsible for supporting the best wedding dress editing in her ability according to the required drawing or model of the wedding dress. Nicole Bridal does not commit to making 100% the same tailoring of any equipment that is not part of Nicole Bridal’s collections.


For wedding dress rental

Nicole Bridal has a policy to support customers who rent wedding dresses to change their wedding costumes once at no charge (at least 02 weeks in advance from the date of getting the wedding dress).

– From the second dress change onward: customers will have to pay a surcharge for changing dresses of 500,000 VND/time and the difference in wedding dress rental fee (if any). The exchanged dress must be of equal or greater rental value than the exchanged dress.
– In case the bride has closed the rental dress but arbitrarily cancels the contract, the deposit will NOT be refunded for any reason.
– In case of returning the rented dress: If there is a torn or damaged condition, the bride must compensate by the cost of restoring the product. In case of loss of the dress or serious irreparable damage, the bride must compensate 100% of the value of the wedding dress.


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