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The wedding day is one of the most important days for every girl. Every bride wants to wear the most beautiful wedding dress to become a lovely bride. However, in order to celebrate a beautiful wedding ceremony has too many things to worry about from the place to take place the ceremony party, the decoration supportive party, handy wedding flower to the wedding dresses… Herein, Nicole Bridal will gives you tips and information based on our profession and experience – how much a wedding dress cost or whether or not to make a customized dress wedding dress or the different between make a wedding dress and design a wedding dress.


Make a dress based on available pattern saving your cost (Photo: Nicole Bridal)

1. Make a wedding dress VS Design a wedding dress
Currently there are two types of wedding dresses. With each type, they have different advantages and disadvantages.
– A customized wedding dress according to the available patterns wedding dress. Wedding dresses will be less expensive, but the sophistication, tune and creativity of the wedding dress are not as high as the wedding dress designed.
– A designed wedding dress design requires creative and meticulous. No matter what style is available, whether the finished wedding dress is beautiful or not require creativity from the designer, the workmanship of the performer, the alignment from the smallest detail. Based on the sophistication, the cost of tailoring wedding dress always is usually much more expensive than other types


Valerie design by Nicole Bridal (photo by Nicole Bridal)


Normally, to order a wedding dress according to the sample, you only need to spend from a few million to more than ten million. As for tailoring wedding dresses, you will need to pay a higher fee, from a few tens of millions to several hundred million depending on the brand and designer. If you choose the high-end shops or designers such as Chung Thanh Phong Bridal, Truong Thanh Hai, Joli Poli Bridal you will need at least 35 million to own the simple wedding dress design. Another option you can choose medium-sized outlets such as Nicole Bridal, Sue Ann … with simple wedding dress designs, delicate from just 10 million upon.


Here is a list of wedding dress price you can refer to (for the wedding dresses based on available patterns):
– Popular wedding dress: 2.000.000vnđ 5 – 10,000,000 VND
– Medium wedding dress: 8,000,000 VND – 15,000,000đ
– High quality wedding dress: 15.000.000vn – 35.000.000vnđ


2. Tips for choosing a good quality wedding dress place
You should try at least 2-3 different dresses at the store to have the most correct evaluation. You can evaluate dresses based on the quality of the wedding gown. By that way, it will help you to feel the dress form and shape, comfort as dressing up. Do dresses bring you ease in moving, confidence as walking, have a good shape in dress and become more beautiful?

Fabric good or not?
Besides the design of the dress, fabric is also a important factor to judge whether the wedding dress is good or not. Often, prestigious designers such as Nicole Bridal will advise what fabric they are making. Feel and sense the fabric: Is that fabric thick, smooth and comfortable? People think wedding dresses are very heavy, however, it is changed on a fine and thin material to make dresses which brides can wear the whole day.


Finished seam
When the wedding dress is complete, let’s see if it’s the same as the previous dress you try. There may be some cases when finishing the wedding dress that the designer has a bit modified. Therefore, may be slightly different design, however, the same level as the design still needs to be guaranteed from 80% or more. There should be a good reason for editing.


Also, take a glance on stitching and are there many stitches exposed? How complete is the dress? And do not forget to try that dress up. Does the dress fit and shape you to cover up the disadvantages? A beautiful wedding dress is not only in the design of the drawing, but above all how complete it is and how suitable for brides is.


Nicole Bridal is the wedding gown address chosen by many brides. Below link is our collection for your reference:
● Address: 49 Ho Van Hue, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.
● Hotline advice: 0902.640.490
● Fanpage: Nicole Bridal

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