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Many brides choose to dress up simple wedding dresses for their big day for many different reasons: personal imprints and mass-market wedding dresses are not the ones she wants… Since then, the trend of tailoring a wedding dress is simply a way for her to fulfill her dreams.

Trends in tailoring contemporary wedding dresses

A wedding date is an important milestone in a person’s life, marking the consensus and desire to accompany in the upcoming life journey. Because of these sacred things, many brides today choose to buy, to order, or to tailor wedding dresses simply because of certain advantages.


The timeless beauty of a simple wedding dress

Minimalist wedding dress is a new trend in recent years by many brides around the world. With the spirit of minimalism, each wedding dress design is kept to a minimum with details, that are somewhat exaggerated and sophisticated, instead, there are gentle and simple accents full of sophistication.


The simple and delicate wedding dress designs bring an elegant beauty, without worrying about being out of fashion despite the past time. In addition, it is the minimalist dress details that help her become lighter and more flexible with every step. By minimizing cumbersome details, the bride will shine on her way and attract all eyes on the big day.

High applicability of minimal wedding dresses

Today, the wedding ceremony is not only known as a big party in a luxurious restaurant space but also with individual wedding ceremonies. Forest weddings and intimate weddings are increasingly chosen by many couples. Because of their comfort, and authentic emotions, which are in line with the trends of the times.


With a smaller scale than traditional weddings, simple wedding dress designs are even more suitable for intimate weddings, secret weddings that modern brides and grooms like today. Choosing a simple wedding dress helps her to carry it away, suitable for the nature of the wedding ceremony with your personal imprint.

Besides, the simple wedding dress design is “reused” by many brides on important and dignified family occasions. It is also a way to pray for blessings to all family members that many people consider.

The cost of tailoring a wedding dress is suitable for many brides

Every girl cherishes the dream of owning a wedding dress tailored to her specific measurements. However, some designs are sophisticated requiring a lot of time to complete, corresponding to a worthy cost. Meanwhile, the cost of making a simple wedding dress is somewhat affordable for the wedding budget that many brides and grooms plan.


How much does a simple wedding dress cost? Usually, the ordering of a simple wedding dress has certain fluctuations. Depending on the prestige of the wedding studio, the material of the wedding dress and the style of the wedding dress… the cost of making the wedding dress may be different. Therefore, to find a simple wedding dress studio, you should refer to reputable wedding dress orders for advice.


The process of ordering simple wedding dresses at Nicole Bridal

Step 1: Determine the wedding dress model and designing ideas

The first thing the bride needs to determine is the wedding dress she wants to wear on the big day. She can refer to the most beautiful wedding dresses and find the designs that she loves. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the disadvantages of the body such as big biceps, short neck, chubby bride… so that Nicole Bridal can suggest details for her to cover up the parts that make her self-deprecating.

If she has tried on a wedding dress before and determined the wedding dress shape is right for her, the process of choosing a wedding dress does not take too much time. On the contrary, if the bride does not know what type of wedding dress she is suitable for, consultants will advise her.



Step 2: Sketch a simple wedding dress

To realize the idea of ​​making a wedding dress, you need to have a specific sketch. The exchanged wedding dress details are clearly outlined on the detailed sketch to help the bride better visualize the future wedding dress, and at the same time let the tailors perfect the wedding dress according to the bride’s wishes. .


Step 3: Choose the wedding dress material

In fact, every simple style of wedding dress will look good with certain fabrics and materials. For brides who want lightness and femininity in their wedding dresses, materials such as satin, silk, and organza are extremely suitable suggestions. For girls who want to float, tulle and chiffon … will be prioritized.

Step 4: Take the measurements

The process of taking the measurements is extremely important in the process of making a simple wedding dress. You can measure yourself or ask relatives and friends to support when Nicole Bridal advises on how to take measurements to make wedding dresses.

Step 5: Tailor the wedding dress

Based on the measurements that the bride provides and the information previously exchanged, Nicole Bridal’s tailor will conduct a simple wedding dress. At Nicole Bridal, the bride will be regularly updated with information about the sewing process so that she can follow the journey of the perfect wedding dress day by day, avoiding unnecessary worries and suspense.


Step 6: Refining the wedding dress and finishing

After tailoring and checking the shape, if the bride has any feedback on the details she wants to adjust, Nicole Bridal’s tailors will support the adjustment (make it bigger or smaller at free).


Making a simple wedding dress is practically an opportunity for her to realize exactly what you want, to experience the wedding day of your dreams. To learn more about Wedding Dress Tailoring Services as well as the latest offers for brides this wedding season, please contact Nicole Bridal directly via Website or Fanpage for quick and in-depth advice.



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