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In Vietnam, many brides prefer classic wedding dress styles due to the beauty never OUT-OF-DATE as well as bring brides the sweetness. The main white color is usually combined with high-quality tulle, lace, silk and sparkling crystal details that make it attractive and distinctive.

Team Nicole would like to introduce some gentle wedding dress style suitable for the coming 2019 year.


Anita Wedding Gown: Simplicity, gentle impression with crystal accents & pearls on symmetrical lace


Donna’s wedding dress: lacquered with imported laces are symmetrically attractive with a gap in the back

Scarlet wedding dress is a mixture of classic and simple between the material of satin silk and lace,  between sexy and elegant effects.


Mysteri’s princess wedding dress incorporates a variety of crystal-clear willow, soft beaded tweed to create the usual glamour of classic wedding gowns.


Hannah wedding gown light and elegant with the impression of lace art


Megan wedding gowns harmonized between the fine pleats in the upper body with lace and beads throughout the skirt giving a glittering look.


Mendy’s wedding gown with crystal beads keeps the accent on the slim arm as well as fine pleated pleats on the chest. The design is fascinating enough with ultra thin chiseling.


Classic wedding dresses always bring pure spirits with white color tone and many engraved designs by lace, crystal and beads … This article introduces some gentle and classic wedding dresses. in line with her love of simplicity and tradition.

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