The trend of ordering wedding dresses online during the pandemic

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Ordering wedding dresses online has become more popular recently, especially in times of complicated epidemics and limited mobility options. However, overcoming those difficulties, hundreds of wedding dresses were still delivered to the bride in time for the big day. Today, Nicole Bridal invites you to experience the trend of ordering beautiful wedding dresses in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi from abroad countries in the article below.

The trend of ordering wedding dresses online


The wedding ceremony is a special sacred and solemn holiday of people’s lives, so the two of you need to prepare a lot of stages for the ceremony to take place completely.

Nowadays, the trend of tailoring wedding dresses online is increasingly popular. Many couples want to keep the solemn and sacred moments of their wedding day and decide to order a wedding dress. However, due to many objective reasons such as being close to home, there is no beautiful wedding dress model that she wants, moving is difficult or busy with work that many couples cannot go to the bridal shop to try on samples.



Facing difficulties as well as applying the development of digital technology, Nicole Bridal has helped hundreds of brides not only in Vietnam but also abroad to have the dream wedding dress for the perfect day.

3 reasons to order wedding dresses online in Vietnam

There are many business units that design and tailor wedding dresses around the world, but Nicole Bridal will point out 3 reasons why brides should choose to make wedding dresses online in Vietnam.

Save time and effort on commuting


Before the wedding day, many brides want to find the wedding dress of their dreams with a design made just for them. After researching a lot of wedding dress models and choosing the ones you like, but the wedding studio is too far from your place, what should the bride do? Should I press my belly to choose a wedding dress that is similar to what I want, or have to move to a wedding studio with a model I love?


In addition, some overseas brides cannot return to Vietnam to directly order a wedding dress for the big day. Especially in times of complicated epidemics, travel options are limited. But ordering wedding dresses at foreign studios is not suitable for the bride.

Understanding the bride’s difficulties before the big day, Nicole Bridal offers an online wedding dress tailoring service to help the bride get a beautiful wedding dress. Choosing online wedding dress tailoring helps the bride save time, money, and effort in moving directly to the wedding dress studio. The designer team from Nicole Bridal will listen to the idea of ​​​​designing your wedding dress, then make suggestions, provide wedding dress samples at the store, and proceed to take accurate measurements for her by Video Call.

Reasonable cost


The cost of online wedding dress-making in Vietnam is assessed to be suitable for the financial conditions of many couples. For example, with the bride’s wedding dresses in a foreign wedding studio, you need to pay $3,000-15,000 for a simple wedding dress. These gowns are pre-made and may not accommodate tweaking if the bride wishes to make changes to suit her wedding. If the customer tailors to personal measurements, the cost will not be less than 5,000 USD for a simple wedding dress…

Nicole Bridal is a dress tailor-made brand for bridal shops in the US, Australia, and Singapore so you will get the most reasonable price with the same quality. If you choose to order a wedding dress online at a wedding dressmaker in Vietnam, the bride can change a few details of the wedding dress design to match her wishes. In addition, the wedding dress studio will help you edit the wedding dress to fit the bride’s body better. Finally, the price of online wedding dresses in Vietnam is cheaper than in foreign markets.


For domestic brides, ordering a wedding dress is a relatively new concept and many couples still consider about: should I sew a wedding dress or not? However, the wedding dress is an outfit associated with memories of you and your family, if you want to preserve memories, couples can confidently choose the wedding dress service that is right for them.

Depending on the design of a simple or a princess wedding dress, the price will have different levels. You can refer to the price of Nicole Bridal’s online wedding dress HERE.

Design a wedding dress in the shape of an Asian bride


The body of Vietnamese brides is often slim and small, so choosing to make a wedding dress online based on the available wedding dress sizes will not help respect the wearer’s figure. Especially for overseas brides. Choosing to sew wedding dresses according to European and American sizes makes the bride somewhat “dive” into an oversized wedding dress.

Choosing to sew wedding clothes in Vietnam is a way for the bride to have a satisfactory wedding soiree. Besides being able to discuss directly with the counselor the strengths and weaknesses of the body. From there, the design team will adjust the wedding dress to help you highlight the charm, charm, and elegance of the Vietnamese bride.

The difference makes Nicole Bridal trusted by thousands of brides

Many years of experience


Nicole Bridal is a bridal studio with more than 10 years of experience in the field of wedding dressmaking. Over the years, Nicole Bridal has been proud to accompany the design of the bride’s wedding dress based on the bride’s ideas about wedding attire. To date, Nicole has supported more than 500 brides to successfully order wedding dresses online.

Strengths of tailoring consulting


The team of consultants at Nicole Bridal are the ones who directly connect the bride-groom with the wedding outfits.

For online wedding dress tailoring service, the bride and groom will be directly connected with a team of consultants through the form of Video calls for easy communication. Couples will share their plans and wishes for their dream wedding dress. Based on those ideas, the consultant will help the future bride choose the latest wedding dress model, suitable for the wearer’s body shape as well as help the bride take the correct measurements.

This helps them not to worry if they do not know how to take measurements to sew wedding dresses online. Because the consultants from Nicole Bridal have directly worked with more than 500 brides who have chosen to sew wedding dresses online over the past time and received positive feedback from domestic and overseas brides.



Source of imported fabric

The quality of fabric and accessories greatly affects the wedding dress tailoring process. High-quality fabrics help the wedding dress form standard design, correct shape, flutter following the design.


At Nicole Bridal, materials for tailoring and decorating wedding dresses are imported directly from Korea, India, Singapore… The source of materials for fabrics and accessories helps brides to know further about what Nicole Bridal uses for their wedding gown.

Diverse styles of wedding dress design


Every year, Nicole Bridal launches 4-5 new seasonal wedding dress collections, providing an abundance and variety of wedding gowns for brides to choose from. The designs embrace the latest design trends in the fashion industry, combined with the creativity of the design team to create personalized wedding dresses, born exclusively for the bride on her wedding day.

Shipping wedding dresses abroad

After finishing sewing the wedding dress, Nicole Bridal will send the wedding dress to the bride no matter where she is. With the experience of sewing wedding dresses for more than 500 overseas Vietnamese brides, Nicole Bridal confidently brings the best and satisfactory wedding dresses for the couple to wear on the big day.

After sharing from Nicole Bridal, hope you will have more faith in online wedding dress sewing from Nicole. For more information about the online wedding dress ordering process, you can contact Nicole Bridal directly for a detailed and fastest response. If possible, the bride can go directly to the wedding dress studio Nicole Bridal HCMC for thorough support and detailed exchange. With other local brides, Nicole Bridal is ready to support through Video calls to help her find the wedding dress of her dreams.



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