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As looking at the wedding dress, you can guess the bride’s personality. Is this the truth? Perhaps! The wedding dress is the declaration of every girl about the style, the beauty and even the soul of the bride in the wedding. Would some people say that is a bit too much about the dress? A bit of exaggeration raised the meaning of the wedding dress. Too much or no longer depends on the look of the subject, many grooms were impatient when their bride was so stressed that she was crying because she could not choose a wedding dress like that, they did not understand that emotion.

Why is the skirt so important? Is it just a show for the guests?

The future grooms, please call the name of the wedding dress for your bride properly, that is not the same as other costumes. It is the Dream. The dream of perfection, the dream of beauty, the dream of soaring above the clouds entering the synagogue, was a dream formed from fairy tales. And the man with the beautiful brides really understand and accompany his girl in finding the most beautiful Dream.

Sunny wedding dress looks simple but make you in shape

Brides may wish for a luxurious ceremony with striking and impressive arrangements or maybe she just wants a cozily simple wedding party… The minimalist style almost landed on all industries and art in recent years. From interior design, fashion to lifestyle and, of course, getting married.

The year 2019 marks simple weddings, elegant wedding dresses pervading the press, and simplicity continues to be popular in 2020 according to our predictions. Minimalist trend is not a temporary trend because it is no longer a trendy way of life, it has become a lifestyle that is accepted and maintained by young people. Therefore, the Nicole team suggests to you 4 important criteria when choosing to rent or tailor a simple and minimalist wedding dress for yourself.



Gentle colors will remain the first choice for brides this year. Besides traditional white tones, pastel cream tones, pastel tones AND gentle nude pink tones are the most favorite wedding dress colors.

Basically, each dress color of simple wedding dress has its own beauty and depending on brides’ personalities. However, each girl has a different skin color so choosing the correct color will greatly enhance the beauty of the bride.

  • Blue-white skin: This skin is suitable for many colors and light. Colors such as nude pink, creamy white, pink will be the perfect choice for girls with porcelain white skin.
  • Pink and white skin: brides with this skin can choose any color because this is the desirable color of Asian girls. It suits almost everything from primitive white to creamy white, slightly pinkish white, and every pink tone can’t harden your perfect complexion.
  • Honey skin color: Brides with healthy beauty do not worry. A white gold wedding dress will be a good choice. At the same time, the slightly different colors are also the highlight for brides with this skin of personality
Frida design by Nicole Bridal
Fay design in Sunshine Collection by Nicole Bridal


Normally, if you want to follow a simple and elegant style for your wedding. A wedding dress should not have many details in terms of design. Smooth fabric or light chiffon blossoms will be the perfect two materials in this way. A plain sleeveless dress does not mean it is monotonous or less creative. In contrast, a plain and simple wedding dress needs a certain sophistication of both the design team and the bride’s style. A little bit of pressing on the arm, or a row of buttons running along the back of the shirt or a bit of lace trim at the foot of the skirt, all may become special on the background of a simple dress.

A note for brides when choosing to sew or rent a minimalist wedding dress is that the fabric must be a good material. Because the simple design easily reveals fabric defects. Especially, the sewing technique must be extremely standard and skillful. Furthermore, this type of skirt does not accept any minor errors in seam or shape, because the shortcoming of this type of skirt is easy to reveal the technical points of sewing. You must choose a trustworthy and reputable model house.

Regardless of your own style, brides learn carefully and put their trust in the place of giving their dream wedding dress.

Pheonix design in The Nature collection by Nicole Bridal
Luna design in The Nature by Nicole Bridal


As mentioned above, SIMPLE BUT NOT MONOTONIC is to make the dress wonderfully beautiful with unique and subtle details. The final delicate dress will eventually have moderate details in harmony with the form and more specifically suited to the physique of each bride.

Raine design in The Nature collection by Nicole Bridal
Simplicity in Zoey design bringing its feminity


In the end, when all the elements have been selected and satisfied. The element of the finest finishing is the only thing that worries you about the best simple wedding dress. Please consider for a bridal boutique which brings you enough reasons to trust from consulting, materials, test dress form, reasonable cost and experienced sewing factory.

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According to team Nicole, the girls will have to spend time to experience at least 2 shops specializing in wedding dresses to make the final decision. You can refer to our further article https://nicolebridal.vn/en/messages-for-international-customers/ to understand more about the process of finishing a wedding dress.

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