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There is no reason why chubby brides can not be shined in the most important day of her life. Nicole Bridal will help brides who have rough arms and shoulders to become a beautiful princess in real.

  1. The off-shoulder wedding dress with veils

The first wedding dress that Nicole Bridal suggested for the chubby bride was an off-shoulder wedding dress with soft tulle veil.

This type of wedding dress helps brides show off her advantage, the attraction of the first round and visually deceives the chubby body. Soft tulle material swings slightly on both sides of the arm to create a feeling of gentleness, lightness.


The off-shoulder with the soft veils for the chubbies

The chubby should combine the wedding dress with shoulder straps which is made by lightweight material and less details. It covers ½ the shoulders and biceps in order to take advantages to hide defect effectively and create half openness attractively.


  1. The antique wedding dress

 The cross and vertical cuts are the most preferred for the big-size brides. This is also correct with the antique wedding dress – the vertically long cuts from the shoulder area to the chest area creating the amazing effect of thinness.


The antique dress design brings the slim effect

About the materials, brides should consider to choose the soft and light material as well as the illusive and thin fabrics.


The croptop combines with the A-form simple wedding dresses for the brides


  1. The long sleeved and V-neck wedding gowns

The long-sleeved and V-neck wedding gown will be a next suggestion for the bride with round shoulders and large biceps. Keeping the principle leading the views to strengths on the body, this wedding dress has a V neck, just enough to show off her sexy one.

Furthermore, the long lace sleeves gently cover the shoulders and large biceps. Brides should combine with the tufting hair to create the necessary neat.


The illusively long lace sleeved  and V-neck dress cover the shoulders and biceps


  1. The flowy short wedding dress

It is still the same style of V-neck and long-sleeved dress, just changing the length of the dress into a dynamic wedding dress. It helps the bride to move in ease. Brides should combine the dress with the high shoes having the pointed noses and heels, to create more elegant in each step.



The short wedding gowns help to cheat their heights


  1. The deeply 2 string dress

The two-string wedding dress has the nearly same waistline as the ladies’ bra. This combination between the advantages of an antique gown and a V-neck dress has created a wonderful curve in the waist and shoulders. Cleverly brides show off her sexy first round and attract looks on the shoulder’s back.


The 2 string creates a delicate effect for the shoulders

Another advantage of this wedding dress is the small A- line style. The small and thin straps make up the gentleness but sexiness.


In summary, the bridal gown for the fat brides will follow some basic principles:

  • Cut lines are cross instead of horizontal lines;
  • Lightweight material, penetrating instead of hard material, bulky;
  • Simple detail, small details instead of elaborate details, large motifs;
  • Priority V neck to cleverly show off the advantages of first round.


In addition, the combination of accessories is quite important, please follow the hips belows:

  • Choosing the hairstyle neatly for long sleeved and lightweight dress covering by small lace patterns.
  • Beating the breast cup pattern to cover the shoulder and hands;
  • Choosing high heels with pointed noses and heels to create more overall relaxation.

With the above hips, Nicole Bridal hope to brings brides and grooms with more knowledge to choose a suitable wedding dress.  Our last advice is that bride and groom do not limit your options into 1 or 2 boring wedding dress style, just by taking a few basic principles she can perfectly shine on her wedding date.


Nicole Bridal is always with you on your important day. Don’t hesitate to contact Nicole Bridal for our consultancy with the below contact or fill in this contact form for an appointment.

We are eager on helping brides to find a destined wedding dress.

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