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Ordering wedding dresses remotely brings certain conveniences to the bride, such as saving costs and time… But some brides still can’t help but worry about their own wedding dress designs when they can’t be present themselves. at the wedding studio. To help her answer questions about Nicole Bridal’s online wedding dress-making service, you can refer to the information in the following article.

How long does it take to sew a wedding dress?

At Nicole Bridal, it takes about 04-012 weeks to make the perfect wedding dress depending on the sophistication of the design. However, for some brides who need to sew wedding dresses urgently for the big day, Nicole Bridal still supports sewing wedding dresses from a distance in about 15-30 days for plain wedding dress designs and simple Minimalist wedding dresses.

The most appropriate time for her to choose a wedding dress sewing unit is about 03-05 months from the wedding day.



How many times can a bride try on a wedding dress?

Nicole Bridal encourages the bride to try on the dress shape 2-3 times to refine it while the design is in the manual finishing stage during the tailoring process.

For brides who live far away to choose the online wedding dress tailoring service, Nicole Bridal will dress the wedding dress on a mannequin or try on the wedding dress on a female staff whose body size and measurements are close to the bride. Brides who are far away from relatives and friends in Vietnam can come to our bridal shop to touch and try the design.



Do wedding dress modifications cost extra?

Nicole Bridal supports squeezing, loosening, and shortening the wedding dress completely free of charge. Nicole Bridal will also flexibly support the bride in our capacity.

Can brides change their wedding design while it’s being tailored?

To help her find the dream wedding dress that suits the bride’s body shape, Nicole Bridal will advise and introduce a wedding dress model for her to show off her body and body advantages before any decision.


In the process of sketching the wedding dress on the drawing, she can change the design, and details of the dress to suit her desire.

During the final tailoring stage, Nicole Bridal assists the bride in changing the small details of the dress such as sleeve length (make it shorter), lace neckline, overlays, rhinestones, pearls… At this stage, the bride can not change the style of the wedding dress sketched earlier. Changes in details during tailoring may incur additional costs.

How does the bride exchange and consult with Nicole Bridal?

You can leave information by Inboxing Nicole Bridal’s Fanpage directly, contact Hotline 0902 640 490 to book an appointment. Nicole Bridal will advise her according to the free time frame she wants.

Nicole Bridal communicates with the bride via live Video Calls for her to better visualize her own design.


Sewing a wedding dress remotely, does the bride get free of the wedding veil?

Depending on the promotion, Nicole Bridal may offer the brides a plain veil of the right length. We will send you a clip on how to tie a wedding dress for the bride to follow more easily.


How does the bride gain/lose weight after the last time trying on a wedding dress?

Nicole Bridal will tweak the wedding dress completely for free. Brides, please talk to us directly when the weight fluctuates before the wedding day at least 30 days. From there, Nicole Bridal’s tailors will adjust and expand the wedding dress to fit the current body of the bride.

Did she sign a contract with Nicole Bridal to order wedding dresses remotely?

The bride and Nicole Bridal will have a contract even if she is not in Vietnam. Contract details will be consulted in detail during the discussion with you.


Does the bride need to make a deposit when choosing an online wedding dress tailoring service?

Details of the remote wedding dress deposit will be mentioned by Nicole Bridal in the contract details. She will receive advice on tailoring wedding gowns tailored to her budget when she talks with us.

Nicole Bridal understands that the process of sewing wedding dresses contains many emotional feelings of every girl. For brides who are not in Vietnam, the feeling when ordering wedding dresses from afar is multiplied. Hopefully, the information that Nicole Bridal provides can help her feel more secure, and easily find a beautiful, personal wedding dress design, helping her shine brightly on the big day.

If you love any beautiful wedding dress design, please contact Nicole Bridal for advice and tailoring support.



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