For any bride, choosing a suitable wedding dress is not a simple thing. That difficulty can increase further if the bride possesses a chubby or oversized physique. The chubby brides with a plump appearance are girls who have low self-esteem in terms of body shape, leading to a lot of fear and difficulties in choosing the outfits on their wedding day.

That is the biggest reason that the Nicole Bridal team will launch a non-profit program aimed at chubby brides with many obstacles when finding a worthy wedding dress.


Because many believe: Oversized body will have very few choices of wedding dresses, styles, colors… Moreover, wedding dresses for chubby brides are often not much at studios, which really challenges the mind. reason with the bridesmaids.

🌱 Unable to get into unnecessary trouble with the wedding attire or while taking photos. Such as tightness to breath, inconvenient movement or even unfortunate incidents of dresses can occur if the wedding dress is not carefully prepared.

🌱 Be under pressure from other people’s gazes. This is probably the point that makes bridesmaid the most in choosing outfits: wondering which dress style can cover many defects, not confident when wearing a wedding dress that I like.


Nicole Bridal completely understands the feeling of chubby brides. With the message throughout from our settlement, team Nicole wishes to bring a liberal lifestyle and fashion into each design for all future brides with an affordable price.

Please look forward to the campaign exclusively for chubby brides, let’s challenge and overcome! Waiting for our series of articles about you, beloved chubby brides. Do not hesitate to contact team Nicole for more information about this program at

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