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To prepare for the wedding day, the girls have a variety of wedding dress choices: Princess wedding dresses, Mermaid dresses, Sheath dresses or Boho-style dresses … It is enough to confuse you, right? That is not yet to mention about skin color, height, shapre… will make you feel lost without knowing how to decide.


Lots of wedding dress style, which one is for you? (Source: the internet)


Today, together with Nicole Bridal let’s learn about the princess wedding dress style as well as princess wedding dresses in HCMC.


According to team Nicole, still not yet and it is still a long time before the princess wedding dress is not popular. The reason is derived from cultural and historical elements. Understanding that the princess must be beautiful in default and the princess’ dresses must be as sparkling and gorgeous as the fairy princesses. Therefore, during the big days of every bride, the glamorous princess wedding dress is always the top priority choice to transform to a real princess. The princess wedding dress adds to the luxurious, noble looks but still extremely beautiful.


The most outstanding advantage of the princess wedding dress lies in the lower body of the skirt. The lower part of the skirt is always designed to gently lighten the defects from its waist down, such as round 3 not full (or oversize), no waist, big thighs … So when choosing wedding dress types Princess, you just need to pay attention to the upper body of your skirt with your upper body, making sure the bride is absolutely gorgeous.



1. Strapless wedding dress

The strapless wedding gowns – the best fit for girls with slim body, full breasts. The chest cup of the body on the wedding dress exalts the charm from the first round to the slender shoulders. The girls have a chubby appearance but slender and tall girls are also suitable for this style.


The Mysteri wedding dress with the flowy bottom skirt


For the small brides and the humble height (less than 1m50), they should not wear a princess wedding dress with a cup because the lower body is too bulging and she will be trapped in that dress. A small suggestion for the modestly height is to reduce the bulging of the skirt and wear high heels of at least 12cm or use a front short-length and back longer-length princess dress to cheat your height effects on photos.


This design show off your shortcoming (Source: the Internet)


Note: Princess wedding dresses are not so suitable for girls who has rough shoulders and oversized breasts. Because, the cups are not only big enough to cover your shortcomings but it also makes those shortcomings clearer and submerge in your own happy day. Check out the next suggestion.

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2. The Sleeve wedding dress

Inheriting the essential beauty from the traditional Western wedding gowns, princess wedding gowns with short, long or half sleeves are suitable for all girls. Therefore, this is a safe choice for girls with many defects on the body or girls who are not confident when wearing the strapless wedding dress.


The sleeve wedding dress showing the slimmer and thinner (Source: Nicole Bridal)


In the past, the sleeve wedding dress was made of thick and discreet fabric. But nowadays, the sleeves of the wedding dress has been transformed into a lace or chiffon pattern with a very unique and closed embroidery that is not tight, extremely seductive.

The princess wedding dress has long or half sleeves to cover both of upper arms and arms, rough shoulders in order to create a slim feeling for the chubby girls.


3. The off-shoulder wedding dress

The models of princess wedding gowns dropped to add to the mystery and charm of the brides. The highlight lies in the shoulder rest at the body of the shirt, creating a soft, gentle, subtle half-open feeling.

This type of wedding dress is also used with thin or slightly fat girls. For girls with slim shoulders, the chest is usually not too full (the body does not have a curve), so choosing a shoulder-down wedding dress will help show off the smooth and beautiful shoulders.


The off-shoulder dress Valerie in Nicole’s Classic collection (Source: Nicole bridal)


Besides, if she has slightly chubby arms, the design of off-shoulder detail is not only brings blemish but also creates an absolute attractiveness.


4. The sleeveless wedding dress

With the armpit design, the upper body of the princess wedding dress should embrace the whole body. Not too tight, but not too sexy, this is the choice of many girls. With the armpit design, the wedding dress also helps shy girls feel more confident in movement.


Most suiting with thin girls (Source: Nicole Bridal)


For girls with wide shoulders, in addition to wearing wedding gowns, the girls are very suitable for both the sleeve princess wedding dress and the strap dress. The lower body of the skirt bulges up and will sink the imperfection in their upper body. Therefore, the princess wedding dress is close to the armpits most suitable for all physique.

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