Nude wedding dress (color) – trend of choice wedding dress in 2019

Nicole Bridal – The leading bridal studio in Ho Chi Minh City with 10 years of experience in bridal Sewing and Renting in local and from afar, accompanying more than 5,000 Vietnamese and overseas brides. High-class wedding dress design, luxury, bold European spirit.

This year the pure white wedding dresses are surely not becoming the trend color of brides because it doesn’t enhance your tanned skin. Thus, the nude wedding dress woule be fit well on your specially beautiful skin. The nude dresses bring a gentle, elegant intermingling of the classic is still the most attractive for the bride.


áo cưới 2 dây màu nude
Nude wedding dresses bring luxury, a bit of classic of Nicole Bridal favors


The nude wedding dress with shades (from bronze, dark brown to pastel pink) especially suitable for the skin of the majority of Vietnamese brides as well as Asian people or someone who own a strong healthy tanned skin.

áo cưới màu nude
Ai Phuong is sexy in a nude wedding dress


Nude color is the classic color, the nude wedding dress brought luxury but not too luxurious so easily fit to many brides.


áo cưới 2 dây màu nude
The combination of chiffon blossom and kenaceous as well as cups of sexy, attractive beautiful charm for the bride.


Its beauty brings you freedom to enjoy the date


A nude mermaid wedding dress enhances your skin and beautiful arms


You can easily see the trend of nude wedding dress in 2018 is dedicated to the girl personality, like the highlight but still gentle, feminine.

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áo cưới màu nude

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