The process of ordering wedding dresses online at Nicole Bridal

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Ordering wedding dresses online has become a common trend in recent years, especially in the post-Covid-19 period which has greatly impacted people’s habits, including the wedding fashion industry. The trend of choosing to sew wedding dresses from afar becomes relevant as well as many brides. Let’s explore the details of the online wedding dress ordering process with Nicole Bridal for her reference

The process of ordering wedding dresses online: Consulting – Designing – Tailoring


Sewing wedding dresses Online is a fairly new concept for brides, isn’t it? Therefore, when starting the journey to find the dream wedding dress in a faraway place, it will make the bride a little confused. To help brides find tailor-made wedding dresses even if she’s not in Vietnam, you can refer to the wedding dress ordering process that takes place at Nicole Bridal.

Intimate consulting

The first step is also the most important step for the bride’s beautiful wedding dress is consulting and sharing. This is the time for the bride to connect with Nicole Bridal, and share all about the wishes, expectations, or unique details she wants to appear on the wedding dress.


At the same time, we will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the bride’s body, to find out what wedding dress shape, details, and highlights will help her cover up her body defects, so confidently shine in her body. big day of your life.

For Nicole Bridal, the most beautiful wedding dress is the one that helps her shine, confidently striding down the aisle, matching with the person she loves for life.

Unifying the design


After listening to her ideas and preferences about designer wedding dresses, Nicole Bridal will introduce and advise on materials, fabrics, and wedding dress details to combine to create the desired wedding dress effect. hers.

After discussing and discussing her preferences for wedding dresses, Nicole Bridal will move on to the next step: sketching the wedding dress with pencil drawings.

Wedding dress sketching


Nicole Bridal understands that the bride will be eager on seeing her dream wedding dress, even if it’s just a paper drawing. That’s why she doesn’t worry too much about her tailored wedding dress online, we will send her a sketch of a wedding dress to help her better visualize her wedding dress as well as a way to let her know. You can adjust and unify your wedding dress ideas to best suit her ideas before Nicole Bridal’s skilled tailors embark on the journey to create the bride’s wedding dress.

dat-may-vay-cuoi-4Normally, after about 3-4 days of the contract, the bride will receive a sketch of her wedding dress. Thus let’s have a little patience for the bride to receive her wedding dress drawing.

Carry out tailoring

After completing the sketching for her wedding dress, Nicole Bridal will begin to design the wedding dress. To help her feel more secure, and reduce the feeling of nervousness when not being able to witness the tailoring of wedding dresses directly, we will regularly update the process of tailoring wedding dresses so that the bride from far away can feel more secure. heart.


Once completed, Nicole Bridal will help her try it out and talk to her more about the details that the bride wants to tweak. After everything is following the bride’s expectations, the wedding dress will be delivered to the bride’s hand, thousands of kilometers away from the country.


The story of ordering a wedding dress for BRIDE  abroad

The sacred wedding takes place only once in a lifetime, filled with emotions of lightheadedness, suspense, and a burst of happiness. The happiest chapter begins from the moment she officially becomes “the only half” for the rest of someone’s life, writing new journeys with the one she loves.



During 10 years of working in the wedding industry, Nicole Bridal understands the sacred value of the wedding day. Regardless of what beautiful wedding dress she chooses, and how much the wedding dress cost will become secondary. Because the most important thing right now is that the bride must be confident and most beautiful in the dress. Uniquely designed wedding, born just for her. More than a wedding outfit, the wedding soiree will be a memento of loving connection, witnessing the most beautiful moments in the life of the bride and groom.

Therefore, the spirit of creating beautiful dream wedding dresses and realizing the dreams of many girls is the direction that Nicole Bridal has pursued for the past 10 years. All stages in the process of ordering wedding dresses are taken care of meticulously, carefully, and constantly updated so that the bride can feel secure before the wedding day.



After the pandemic, the trend of ordering wedding dresses online has become more familiar to brides from far away and abroad. Nicole Bridal is one of the addresses that receive the trust of hundreds of abroad brides, to tailor her wedding designs.

All the above shares come from thoughts, blessings, and sincere thanks to Nicole Bridal’s bride. Hopefully, with a detailed article about the Online Wedding Dress Ordering Process, she will save time and effort to have her tailored wedding dress. Wishing all the brides to be beautiful and radiant on the upcoming big day. For more information about ordering wedding dresses online at Nicole Bridal, you can inbox directly to Fanpage for more detailed advice.


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