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If you are a follower of the Twilight movie, you probably remember and love the wedding in the woods of the main couple Bella and Edward, right? The ceremony is full of flowers, surrounded by a rustic forest creating a poetic scene like a fairy picture.

Not far away, the trend of organizing weddings in the forest is increasingly chosen by brides and grooms, especially weddings in the pine forest of Da Lat. Wedding ceremonies in the forest create intimacy and warmth thanks to their small scale, suitable for a limited number of guests.

Advantages of having a wedding in the forest

Privacy and intimacy

The advantage of a wedding ceremony held in the forest is intimacy and privacy. Because the number of guests is limited, the bride and groom will consider inviting people who are really close to them. In the presence of family and close friends, the ceremony atmosphere will be filled with emotions.

A special wedding in the forest


Unlike the traditional wedding parties with MCs, vibrant orchestras and the presence of hundreds of guests, the wedding in the forest takes place in the gentleness and melodiousness of classical music, bringing the joy and excitement to the wedding ceremony, bringing liberally thanks to the panorama and the atmosphere of the ceremony is really close to nature.

Unique, personal wedding ceremony

For many modern couples, the wedding ceremony is an opportunity for the bride and groom to unleash their creativity, add details to create their own mark, and carry their love story. With an airy natural setting, couples will freely choose flowers, lights, decorations for the ceremony and banquet tables, not bound by the available decorations used in traditional weddings.


Suitable for classic, liberal wedding style

In recent years, wedding ideas have become more and more diverse, bringing modern style to the special day of couples. Wedding styles such as Bohemian (liberal), Rustic wedding (rustic and close to nature), and Vintage wedding party (classic) … are increasingly becoming a wedding trend that many couples choose. This creates a unique and different highlight for couples on the big day.


On the unique forest backdrop, the bride-groom and the guests can capture special moments. For couples who organize weddings and honeymoons, celebrating a wedding in the forest is also a good suggestion that the two can refer to.

What to prepare for the wedding party in the forest?

Wedding party venue

As the name implies, weddings in the woods will often be held in locations far from the bustling city, because in the city it is difficult to find a spacious place, true to the liberal and rustic nature of the mountain. Forest.

Da Lat and Sa Pa are suitable places to hold important ceremonies in the forest. The two of you can contact the wedding organizers for assistance with the right location as well as meeting your own criteria.



Simply minimal wedding dress

With a somewhat narrow space, she should choose simple wedding dresses, and charming fishtail wedding dresses to easily move in the forest. Nicole Bridal encourages you to choose minimal, light wedding dress designs, and short wedding veils to easily perform wedding ceremonies as well as comfort for the wearer.

Soft puffy wedding dress suitable for unique wedding parties held in the woods


She can choose to sew a simple wedding dress, tailor-made so that it can be easily carried away, worn in an intimate wedding party without having to struggle to find a place to rent a beautiful wedding dress. Besides, this wedding dress can be used as a wedding dress for the table in a traditional wedding ceremony, saving the cost of renting wedding dresses for many couples.


Wedding dresses for parties in the forest should be light and streamlined


The slit wedding dress helps the bride to move easily


Some details of the wedding dress she can consider on the wedding dress in the forest such as 3D flower details, embroidered baby flowers or a mesh wedding dress with a pleated mesh create a floating, gentle movement. Simple, modern design wedding dresses are often used by brides

The right budget for a forest wedding

Weddings in the forest are small, but because the organization is far from the city and outdoor nature, it requires long travel and complicated preparation. Hence, it requires a higher cost of organizing a wedding than a traditional party. Besides, the detailed preparation also requires the bride, groom and the organizer to plan meticulously.

In order for the wedding party in the forest to take place according to the couple’s wishes, the two of you need to spend time preparing for many months, even a year in advance to make proper preparations.


At the same time as on the day of the party, some problems may happen that are beyond your plans. Therefore, the costs incurred are inevitable. To be sure, the two of you need to plan a wedding expense in case rare situations such as bad weather, security work… may happen.


The combination of the bride-groom with the wedding organizers

Because forest weddings are still a new and not-so-popular concept, they more or less create certain difficulties for the bride and groom. Saying that does not mean that this wedding idea is not feasible, but it requires the patience and preparation of the couples. The two of you will have to carefully research and prepare props, venue, restaurants near the wedding venue, and accommodation for guests attending the party.


A rustic, liberal forest wedding is a unique wedding idea, isn’t it? Nicole Bridal hopes that the above sharing can help our bride and groom create a special impression and moment with their wedding in the forest.

To find wedding dress designs suitable for weddings in the woods, don’t hesitate to contact Nicole Bridal for our support.


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