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Each wedding dress is a wonderful thing that Nicole team wants to give her in a special way on the big day. 20 most beautiful wedding dresses exude different features: some delicate, gentle and some arrogant, gorgeous and others intertwined with classic and modern features.

Here are a summary of 10 FIRST best-seller dresses at Nicole for your wedding ideas. Let’s take a glance!

Layla wedding dresses of Lalaland collection — Premium line



– Layla’s shoulder-length skirt promises to become the hottest trend because of its concealer design and feminine elegance.

– The skirt of the fishtail skirt is easy to move but no less glamorous, it is more perfect when it was made by high-quality materials that is thick and elastic.

Athena wedding dresses of Lalaland collection — Luxury line


– The elegance and sophistication harmonize with the elegance radiating from every detail and designed line.

– Elegant lace pattern of Athena design is perfectly coordinated on different Tulle materials and perfected by dedicated workers. Shining with the fragile beauty.

Scarlet wedding dresses of Classic collection — Premium line


– As a beautiful princess from France, Scarlet design is belonged to Classic collection and noble features but still retains a youthful charm. Soft satin material, royal lace, V-neck, dangle arms and perfect waistline bring this special on this minimal design.

Valerie wedding dresses of Classic collection — Luxury line


– Valerie is the perfect combination of gentle feminine and seductive elegance. The unique sewing technique creates a natural and elegantly puffy skirt.

– The skirt shape helps the classic lace material and the collar sleeve details promote the femininity and grace.

Sunflower wedding dress in Floral Collection 2019 — Premium line


– Like a Sun flower, Sunflower design is simple but shines elegant beauty with personality.

– With elastic material and gentle extremely comfortable and easy to move. With contoured enough, seductive enough, Sunflower really suits the bride to celebrate in the church but still exudes elegance.

Radley wedding dresses of Sunshine collection — Premium line


– As the power of love expressing through different views, a design of Sunshine Collection. The fine and smooth, intertwined folds show the ability of experienced tailors to hold the fabric.

– It brings out the sensuality of the curves of power that control vision.

Lani wedding dresses of Sunshine Collection — Luxury line


– Flashy and extravagant vs Exquisite and luxurious, bringing full aesthetic elements for the bride and the grandeur for a luxurious wedding party

– Gorgeous but gentle, easy to move combined with subtle attachment details bold installation art value. Moreover, the effective waist tightening results in a very smooth form for the bride.

Zoey wedding dresses of Sunshine Collection — Premium line


– Delicate, extravagant and feminine, a design of Sunshine Collection brings a skillful blend of details together.

– Her waist looks beautiful and combined with a big bow, making her both slender and feminine.

Elsa wedding dresses of Fairy Tales collection — Luxury line


– Gorgeous and majestic, Elsa is for girls who want to organize weddings in modern wedding halls. The outstanding design with 2 big shoulders. The elaborate applique motifs also make the design more beautiful. Moreover, the deep V chest cut line shows off the full sexy chest.

Snowflake wedding dresses of Rustic Melody Collection — Premium line


– Gentle and soaring with Snowflake design you will become a beautifully gentle lady.

– High quality fabric soft and delicate texture — the skirt is easy to move but stands out to suit many party spaces from outdoors to the banquet hall.

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Above are the Top 10 most beautiful wedding dresses that Nicole team has given to brides who plan to get married or will get married in 2020. Do not hesitate to contact Nicole team to find the best and most suitable wedding dress for yourself.

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